Thread: Is it safe to take 10/650 hydrocodone(Lorcet) with Ambien?

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    Is it safe to take 10/650 hydrocodone(Lorcet) with Ambien? 
    Hey im kinda new, anyways i have 5 10/650 hydrocodone(Lorcets) and 3 Ambien is it safe to take 2 lorcets with some ambien? how much should i take? oh and im thinkin bout goin to school on it

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    This a joke? Do you know anything about these substances? Have you used either or both in the past? How old are you... ? Curious, is all. You do at least know ambien is for sleeping, fight, and (when not to sleep, and in higher mg. ...) used to have hallucinations-right?

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    No its not a joke? yes i have used both & im 18 a senior...... i use ambien all the time so much i dont even see crazy shit anymore, i havnt used opiates in a long asss time tho

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    You dont have to be 100% perfect, you just have to be authentic.
    Its safe. Just dont take it all at once as thats a lot of APAP.

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    Why take Ambien at school? Take the Lorcets alone IMO...


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    These drugs are safe to take together, yes. But I would advise you reconsider going to school or even out in public after taking ambien, especially if you're mixing it with opiates. Ambien is notorious for it's blackout abilities. You will almost certainly do or say something that you will regret.

    Pay attention in school instead, you're going to need the education. Trust me. Save the drugs for when you are at home.

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    Well everyone is saying it's safe but I found this: "Zolpidem combined with alcohol, opiates, or other CNS depressants may be even more likely to lead to fatal overdoses." That was taken from here:

    Now I'm sure that quote applies more to higher doses but I'd advise against it and not chance it. Plus opiates and benzos together can be bad news and Ambien is very identical to a benzo.

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    At one time I was prescribed both Ambien & Hydrocodone from the same doctor. I forget what mg the Ambien was, but it was 1 at night for sleep. The longer I took them I ended up taking more a dose at 1 1/2 - 2 to get to sleep. The Hydrocodone was 1-2 a dose and was 5/500mg. Depending on pain, a lot of times I'd end up taking 3-4 Hydrocodone. (A couple of times he changed the Hydrocodone to either Percocet or Norco.)

    As far as mixing during the day, I never did...I didn't see the point in it as it didn't do anything to make the Hydrocodone any better. One thing with the Hydrocodone other than for pain, it acted like a stimulant, so I didn't want to kill that during the day.

    So anyway, it was safe "FOR ME" to mix them and it was also prescribed...but that doesn't mean it is safe for you!!! No one here can tell you that! Even a doctor knowing you can't ever be 100% sure what drugs are safe for you until after you've taken them.

    Leaping Gnome

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    These drugs are absolutely not safe to take together. You could be killed or seriously injured. You will probably get caught and be expelled from school. Ambien is no joke.

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    Both of those drugs would be better enjoyed (if you find Ambien enjoyable...) at home relaxing. At 18 years old, you should be past taking drugs at school, a much less enjoyable environment particularly for Ambien, just so that you can tell your friends you're "fucked up"... Drugs at school are fine if they make it more enjoyable for you and you don't get yourself in trouble, but I can't think of any other motive than what I outlined in the last sentence for throwing Ambien into the mix.

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    ^^ Yeah as above, it would be far more fitting for either of these drugs to be used in a comfortable setting i.e not school, and ambien is a really shitty drug for the majority of people seeking recreational effects from it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pegasus View Post
    Why take Ambien at school? Take the Lorcets alone IMO...

    It's still in OD, so I'm moving it to BDD now.

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    That sounds fun as hell dude. Opiates and Ambien at school, now why didn't I think of that?

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    Don't take drugs at school.

    It's safe to mix them, provided you have tolerance for Ambien.

    I'm closing this thread now as the question has been answered.

    PM me if you have any questions.

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