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    Opiate Nightmares 
    Does anyone get nightmares from opiates? Starting last weekend after around a 10 day break I've been taking 60-90mg of oxycodone and small amounts of codeine (around 90-120mg) each day. Whenever I fall asleep I have bad dreams about dieing that feel real up til the moment I wake up. I'm taking around 20mg of doxylamine with the codeine, and small amounts of benadryl to potentiate the oxycodone. I've been taking opiates and antihistamines off and on for months but these nightmares only started last weekend after around a 10 day break.
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    This happens sometimes with opiates. Similar descriptions to yours are pretty common to those unfortunate enough to experience it.

    There was recently a thread by our fellow bluelighter Vaya I recommend reading, it has to do with oxymorphone.

    Oxymorphone & Nightmares
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    I sleep talk loads of bullshit..I realize i'm doing it kinda but continue replying anyway heh. Just woke up from one. That said the nightmares from withdrawal are plain horrid.
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    and i still get nightmares [im clean now]...i have dreams about pills and alot of nightmares about meth too. they're pretty intense...but the dreams/nightmares are just something that comes along with the drug life...
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    Nightmares are a recognized side effect of Buprenorphine and listed in the patient handbook every BMT patient gets when they start treatment (or, are supposed to get). Published by the pharmaceutical company that makes Subutex, Suboxone (well and every other Buprenorphine product on the market really) Reckitt-Benckiser. Of all the opioids I've taken, Buprenorphine gave me the worst nightmares on a much more consistent basis than any other.
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    Going on 3 years now I've been taking an average of 120mg - 150mg a day of Oxycodone. Before that for around 20 years I was taking mostly Vicodne 5/500mg at an average of 3-10 a day. There would also be some scripts during that 20 years of Percodan and fact for the first 5 years, it was mostly the Percodan and then the Percocet.

    I don't get that many real nightmares, but when I do, they are REAL ON REAL where I wake up SCARED!!! It seems I don't get, or at least I'm not able to remember, any good dreams. The ones I get are ALWAYS fighting with someone or something. It's either just arguing, or it's to the death with me killing someone/something, or waking up before I'm killed. When I say something, it's usually some kind of non-real creature type thing.

    The one I had the other night was me killing some VARY LARGE timeworn black voodoo gri-gri priest. It was set in his rotting, almost falling over, was never painted, gray wood hut. It was forgotten many years ago in an eerie swamp. Around this shelter it had a moat filled with stagnant slime green water…you know, the type you don’t even want to imagine what diseases and parasites thrived in there in the stench. Anyway, in self-defense I took his gold fish type bowl and slammed it over his head suffocating him until he slumped over and the life left his body.

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    I wouldn't say I get more nightmares when I am using(depending on where my life is at). But, I definitely get nightmares when I am sobre, usually nightmares ABOUT using. Such as I am stuck in some kind of dirty horrible prison suffering all kinds of abuse, and the entire dream I am just trying to get to my stash and when I finally get there, right before I dose, I wake up. This isn't when I am detoxing either, this will be after weeks of sobriety.

    But my dreams while using are absolutely more intense and real, and this can lead to scarier nightmares when it happens.

    Really though if I am using heavily enough to be affecting my sleep and dreams, I just get stuck in a nod, talking to myself, bumping and staring into walls as I stumble around the house with my eyes closed at 3 am. And when in this half-awake coma stupor I have had some crazy "visions"; wouldn't want to call them dreams.
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