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    Can you stop shooting up instantly? 
    Long story short..

    My sister has been shooting up morphine,opana, and other opiates. I don't know if she has ever shot up heroin.

    She does have a legit medical condition and is pain.

    She has told my mom that she stopped shooting up instantly. I really doubt this but my mom seems to believe her.

    She won't let anyone count her pills as well which is high suspicious. Her last morphine script she went through 90 pills in a little over a week.

    So, is it really possible to stop shooting up in a day? Keep in mind she has a script to morphine so she isn't going cold turkey (if she did stop shooting it up).

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    It is certainly possible, but it probably isn't probable. If she wanted to, she could do anything she wants. Having morphine around means she could wean herself off the IV morphine with another ROA morphine. However, I don't know your sister, and I have no idea what she's doing and what she's not doing....

    We don't know what your sister is actually doing. We can only guess.

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    Well yeah I know you dont know.

    I'm just speaking of people with experience shooting up drugs and what they think

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    I shot dope for years. I stopped instantly many times. But only when I was out of dope .

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    i've definitely struggled having to put down the needle at certain points over the last 6 years, it can definitely done though. there were points (harhar) of time where i'd load saline solution into a needle and inject it just to satiate the psychological cravings i was experiencing. it was only short lasting and really wasn't overall effective. seeing the bright orange colour of the cap driving around town, seeing roadside markers that colour, etc, were items that were triggering.

    it's a tough situation but please don't berate your sister for her actions, try talking with her on a personal level if you're concerned for her health.

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    If your sister was shooting her prescription Morphine and Opana, she could have very well stopped injecting, but she would then need a much higher dose to get by and not be sick since she was getting 100% of the drug when injecting compared to way less than half of that via the oral rout.

    Your sister is sick and the last thing she needs right now is a family member (you) trying to catch her in a lie about her use and giving her a hard time.

    I can hear your anger at your sister in your post and you really need to take some time and decide if you want to help your sister or just make her feel like shit for using the way she has. If that is the case you need to just walk away because if you can not get over your own feelings long enough to have some compassion for your sister you really need to remove yourself from the whole situation because your negative attitude toward her is only going to drive here to want to go back to the needle and use more. She needs help, love and support, not a pill counting Nazi who thinks she is a complete liar.

    If she was shooting the morphine and actually quit I can understand why she went though a months worth in only a week. Oral morphine is only about 25% as strong as IV morphine.

    Be supportive, be her friend and companion and ask her what you can do to help her use her meds properly.

    I am not telling you to enable her but at this point trying to catch her not going to do anyone any good. I bet if you approached her in a different way she would actually be very honest with you.

    Rant over

    Let me know if I can be of help.

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    ^What this guy said.

    She needs love and support. If my parents or siblings(if I had any) tried to give me a hard time about how I use my medication for my PAIN I would be fucking pissed off. Be supportive, try to help her out but do not call her a liar or berate her.. otherwise she'll likely tell you to go fuck yourself and fall farther into the abuse cycle but she won't want your support or help.

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    Definitly possible, not probable. If she doesn't want anyone counting her pills, don't try and count her pills. Spend time with her. Talk to her. Let her know its ok that she has a problem, let her know you want to understand but probably do not. It can be hard for an addict to accept that anyone "truly gets it." See if she's willing to talk to a Dr about finding a way to deal with her pain that will make it unnecessary for her to want to shoot up.
    It can be hard for anyone to accept that any other way wont be a total waste of supply after having shot up for so long. If she can get some time in where she manages not to shoot up and isn't in a whole lot of pain, there is a good chance she can manage from that point with a day-to-day mentality. If she is not shooting up, please let her know how much progress you know she's made, and try to avoid shaming her for things she definitely doesn't want to be doing.
    In short, work with her, be the one she can talk to, even if she makes a mistake. Don't be another person who "doesn't understand."
    I am not judging and I don't mean to be making demands, I just know these are a few of the only ways to really help.

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    ^some nice sound advice

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    im suprised her doctor ill give her that stuff with track marks...i dont shoot up but i know for a fact my doctor would flip shit if he knew i was abusing the scripts he gave me by taking morethen prescribed (i dont have any im just saying if i did) causehes that uptight about opiates

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    addicts aren't so naive as to walk into GP's office with their tracks showing. there are ways to avoid it.

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    Middle finger
    Quote Originally Posted by chinky View Post
    im suprised her doctor ill give her that stuff with track marks...i dont shoot up but i know for a fact my doctor would flip shit if he knew i was abusing the scripts he gave me by taking morethen prescribed (i dont have any im just saying if i did) causehes that uptight about opiates
    If you are injecting, you are actually using FAR LESS than prescribed... this will sound bad, but if she IV'ed her script, and NEVER RAN OUT, leave her the hell alone. Because swollwing them, it will take 4-5 pills to equal one, possibly more if they are XR. I would much rather someone I love continue shooting up, as long as they're script lasts the WHOLE month.Otherise, one week after getting her script she will be on the street trying to score smack... Or are you one of those people who would rather her suffer DT's, and risk getting arrested buying RX drugs on the street, as long as she is not putting a needle in her arm because in conflicts with your pitiful beliefs???

    (Note that if she is IV'ing an entire script in a week, that is a different issue, but still doesn't mean not IV'ing them will help. Fact is, she would need 4 times the dose, at least, just to equal the analgesia she is getting from her current dose. ANd you have no right to count her pills, or shame her for doing what is logical, since 100% of a drug is a helluva lot more logical than 20-25% oral, or less snorting. <snip>)
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    From a practical point of view, the problem with her IVing her pills is that this is a risky thing to do, not to mention that her tolerance will increase and she may well end up needing far more than her monthly script. I know IV drug use is demonised and there are plenty of safe IV users out there, but overall it can still be a risky ROA..

    The way I see it there are two problems - firstly that she is abusing her pain meds.. this is bad news. She needs these meds for pain. Hopefully she has stopped abusing them, because pain patients abusing their meds are often cut off completely and then don't have anything to treat their pain, as well as going through withdrawals and cravings.. she's on a slippery slope. I think all you can do here is let her know you care and are there for her. Look out for her and be ready to help her if she needs it. HelpJDplease summed it up well

    Secondly, if she is shooting her pills, it isn't a safe thing to do at all due to the fillers and binders that can end up in her lungs.. morphine ER pills often have a waxy matrix too that can damage veins. She really needs to be using a micron filter..

    Then there are all the other risks of IV use - infection, abscess, endocarditis, accidentally injecting into an artery.. it's really important that if she's going to do it, she does it safely. She needs access to a supply of clean needles and ideally sterile water ampoules.

    Take a look at these threads, and see if you can get her to take a look too..

    Injection complications

    Case studies

    Good luck - it is so hard watching someone going down that path. I know you desperately just want to grab her and pull her back, but believe me, you can't - she has to want to stop herself. All you can do is make sure she knows you don't like what she is doing but that you are there for her anyway, and that you will support her if/when she does decide to stop.. and make sure she is doing it as safely as possible.

    If you need to talk to anyone, check out The Dark Side forum here - it's full of lovely supportive people who will understand what you are going through and will lend an ear if you need to vent / give some sound advice if you are not sure what to do

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    I'm an addict and in my best opinion if your sister is injecting all these pain pills, and claims she has suddenly stopped but yet gets offended or irritated when questioned where all her pills are, etc..chances she is still shooting up, only a fraction of people can really stop shooting up instantly, including this fraction are people who go to rehab and stay, prison, overdose and end up in the cemetary. Then there is methadone and Suboxone maintanence, which took me off the needle instantly, well almost, for 2 weeks i dabbled around, and just stopped, and oddly suboxone i feel changed my brain chemistry, i dont even enjoy how opiates make me feel anymore or do i think or crave about it not no more...methadone i think makes people more worse off as it;s a full agonist, they still get that tease buzz at the clinic, and alot of them turn into benzo head zombies to potentiate the methadones effects, it just seems like methadone does cause more problems for people verse suboxone. plus methadone has such a long half life, that withdrawl is very painful and long. suboxone is great IMO, the 1st time ya do it u will get pretty high off of a quarter tablet, now all the suboxone does for me is gives me a subtle sense of energy.anti-depressant qualities, and its great cuz it blocks the effects of opiates, me personally it permanently took my desire to crave opiates away, i even tried doing opiates once, i stopped taking suboxone for a couple days and did some dope, i didnt even enjoy it at all...its a lifesaver

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    of course u can stop shooting up instantly, all it takes it putting the needle awy and sayin gno and doing other alternatives, methadone, or suboxone, if u really had enough and want help

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