Thread: traveling (on plane, w/in country) w/ suboxone..

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    traveling (on plane, w/in country) w/ suboxone.. 
    many searches only yielded me some (mostly unhelpful) tips, but regarding the old suboxone form. I have 3-4 suboxone strips (in the packaging) and am only bringing one carry-on. I am not prescribed these. i am also bringing a 1 week container w/ all my (prescribed) medications. whats the best way to bring these w/ me? i was thinking putting them in a pocket on one of my jeans/pants in the carry-on. i heard the worst idea is carrying it on my person/taping it on me. im also worried, as i'm not sure if the packaging has metal in it (the liner looks like metal, though i'm not sure). any help is extremely appreciated, i'm going w/ my family so i don't want to get caught for a number of reasons. i really need to get these with me, though, as i can't risk being in w/d's for the duration of the vacation. should i remove them from the packaging? any tips on where to put/how to bring em? again, thanks in advance for any help

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    BL is not here to help you carry drugs across state lines.
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    don't do it. first off, your ideas are not good. second, even if you did it the right way, it's just not worth it. that you think going with your family has any weight in why you do not want to get caught transporting a felony substance over state lines through airport security means you do realize the significance of your crime.

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    ^ What Sekio and hydro said..

    We can't help you with this, sorry. I would strongly advise you against attempting to smuggle drugs through an airport! I sympathise with your predicament, but it is really not worth the risk. We really can't advise you on how to commit a crime, either.

    Take a look at the BLUA and the BDD guidelines in my signature so you know what is allowed and what isn't for future reference..

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