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    methamphetamine purity question 
    My evil twin has an issue...She is used to snorting her meth, yes it burns, but as she is crazy, she likes a little pain. But this shit burns like a bitch! She thought her brain was going to catch fire! What's up? Maybe all the lye wasn't filtered out? Any way to fix this? And what did she possibly do wrong? (used fairly simple shake and bake method)

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    Hi there, welcome to BL!

    Would your evil twin be you by some chance? Just say it's you, we don't go in for the SWIM business here.. it doesn't protect you and just makes posts harder to read

    I don't know the answer to your question sorry, but hopefully someone more knowledgeable can help..

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    I wish I had an evil twin to snort meth with...

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    Lol so do we...

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    Unless of course it's your evil split personality. In that case I snort meth with him all the time.

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    My brain is still burnin a lil, but I'm ready.......

    Maybe my sniffer is worn out...that would suck.
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    As mentioned before, theres no need to use this "evil twin" business.

    The "shake n' bake" method usually produces very impure methamphetamine.

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    M-amp is supposed to burn; it's a potent vasoconstrictor and a corrosive alkaloid.

    "Shake and bake" meth is a recipe for disaster. it's beyond impure. the best way to clean it up is to throwm your meth out and buy some that is properly made.

    You couldalso acid/base extract the stuff, but given you are using pop bottle meth, I don't think you have the glassware, solvents, or patience.
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    ^Pretty much.

    I'm going to close this, as its been answered. If you want pure methamphetamine, or methamphetamine that is even close to being pure, don't use the "shake n' bake" method.

    What an unfortunate name.


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