Thread: methylphenidate (ritilan) 20mg ER M1451 - correct method to IV

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    methylphenidate (ritilan) 20mg ER M1451 - correct method to IV 
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    i used to mess around with rits and all sorts of addys n bangin was my thing. Can anyone fill me in on the method how to do these the correct way i notice they gel up unlike the ones i used to get.
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    I really don't know as I'm not familiar with those meds, sorry..

    What I can tell you is that you need to be careful shooting pills. Don't heat them at all as this encourages nasty fillers/binders/waxy stuff to dissolve too. Always use a micron filter to prevent anything nasty like talc from ending up in your lungs and causing talcosis/pneumoconiosis..

    Take a look at these threads:

    Ritalin - methods of administration
    IV Adderall (you mentioned addys in your post..)
    Micron filter megathread

    Hope that helps, and hopefully someone here has more experience with these pills that I do.
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    The only ones that are extended release that don't gel up are the sandoz ones peel coating off crush n add cold water n bam it works
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