Thread: are all the new oxycontin the kind that are hard to snort and waxy?

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    are all the new oxycontin the kind that are hard to snort and waxy? 
    I heard that new oxycontins are now reformulated so they are waxy and hard to snort, is this true for all new oxycontins being made? Have you picked up any oxycontins lately that were the old ones that you could rail. thanks

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    They are the new "OP" formulation, that are hard as a rock and impossible to crush to snort. They have a wax matrix in them that is very hard to defeat in order to use via insufflation or IV. But there are ways. Please use the search function and search for 'oxycontin OP' or 'new formulation oxycontin" or something along those lines..

    And also read this thread - Experiment Thead - New Formulation Oxycodone Extraction

    Please use the search engine in the future, as these pills have been covered EXTENSIVELY. I am closing this. Thanks for playing.

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