Thread: 5-APB vs 6-APB {What is difference?}

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    5-APB vs 6-APB {What is difference?} 
    Hey guys, I am just wondering what the differeneces are between 5-APB vs 6-APB? I've done some searching/researching but can't find effects or anything useful. Can someone just give me a short explanation of the effects of these drugs and the differences between the two?
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    There's not much difference. 6-APB is trippier for me, with intense visuals. Always leaves me floored as well. 5-APB gives me more energy, and never gets very trippy at all. 5-APB is quite a bit more potent, mg for mg btw.

    They're both very good fun!

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    Are they like similar to the other "bath salts" like mephedrone, MDPV, 4-FA, MPA, etc... ?? are they even enjoyable?

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    Are they like similar to the other "bath salts" like mephedrone, MDPV, 4-FA, MPA, etc... ?? are they even enjoyable?
    Of course they're enjoyable, otherwise I wouldn't have said 'they're both very good fun'. They're more like MDMA than meph, MDPV and the rest.

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    I didn't get any visuals of 6-APB, it was pure stimulation for me. I get that with more drugs nowadays, always less visuals. I will try 5-APB soon and come back to this thread if I remember. I prefer 6-APB over MDMA nowadays. More mood-enhancement..

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    I'm looking for the ones that more or less "cleaner, not as jittery". What does the general consensus of the community feel is the "better" of the the two (5-APB or 6-APB) like which one is more popular??. I would rather have the more 'mellow' of the two compounds..

    Also is there anyone other good ones out there that are worth trying? I was looking that this MPA stuff that is supposed to be like a cleaner feeling stimulant. But I always see on these websites offering it and on BL; "MPA + MDAI" combo! Do you need like MDAI for it to work good or is it just a good combo or something?

    Thanks in advance to all those who put in their 2 cents on my questions and concerns. Thanx

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    To be honest, neither 5-APB or 6-APB are particularly clean. They're very very messy. And there really isn't enough difference between the two substances to really definitively state which is 'better'. It's like comparing different types of apples. People will have their preferences, but it's not set in stone as to which apple is the greatest of them all. Neither of them is particularly mellow, they're both powerful stimulants.

    MPA is very fiendish, very dirty, and does a lot of nasty things to your body if you try and binge on it. I've had severe chest pains, constant palpitations and protruding veins. I do owe some of the greatest orgasms of my life to MPA, but a side effect of it releasing so much dopamine is that semen is thickened, resulting in excruciating pain in your testicles. The testicles themselves swell, whilst everything else down there shrinks. It's a really toxic chemical. I wouldn't recommend you try it.

    MDAI feels weird, I absolutely hate the stuff.

    Camfetamine is a good clean stimulant though. I would recommend that.

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    see now this Camfetamine stuff isn't even on wikipedia, unless u misspelled it? What would be a good mellow RC stimulant that would be nice to just use to get stuff done around the house and study and shit like that.... Is Methiopropamine not a pleasant substance when used in moderation and small amounts??

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    The Camfetamine Thread

    I'd say camfetamine would be the best option available to you. It's not overwhelming at all, and doesn't have any nasty side effects as far as I know. The problem with methiopropamine is that if it's used in small amounts you can't feel it at all.

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    LMAO! I've got all his works

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    but it's not set in
    stone as to which apple is the greatest of
    them all.

    The firm, red, sweet ones.

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    To PD. (Psychedelic Drugs).

    BDD --> PD

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    This is really close to a "what should I take" thread, which we don't encourage. It also seems to be headed in the direction of telling the OP what to take, which simply isn't allowed.


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    Hey, guys, no sourcing / source questions / etc.

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