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    Famous cannabis users ! 
    ok lets try and compile a list

    i'll start with a couple...

    • Matt Greoning (creator of simpsons)
    • Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator and governor of California what kind career change is that !)
    • Obama (in the past, mentioned in one of his books, i believe he also mentioned LSD)
    • i think Sarah Silverman has done in the past (comedian)
    • George Washington made it illegal in the USA to *not* grow hemp! some say he probably inhaled?
    • Cypress Hill
    • Grandma Pat (not that famous, she is this old lady in the UK trying to push cannabis legalisation who doesn't like pharmaceuticals but likes to make low dose cannabis cakes for her physical pains)
    • Howard Marks (use to be a big cannabis smuggler in sixties/seventies has written books and released a film about it, since)

    well these are just a few that spring to mind, do add more !

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    I can't see Barack Obama taking acid and tripping balls personally...

    I'll add Donovan (Mellow Yellow)
    John Lennon
    Paul McCartney
    George Harrison
    Ringo Starr
    David Cameron (in his youth)
    Peter Doherty
    Carl Barat

    And the rest:
    Aaron Sorkin, creator of ''The West Wing".
    Art Garfunkel , singer, Simon and Garfunkel.
    Abbie Hoffman, Activist.
    Al and Tipper Gore Politicians
    Aleister Crowley, Author and Famous Satanist.
    Alexander Dumas. Was a member of the "Club de Hachichins". Author - "The Three Musketeers"
    Ali Campbell, Singer with UB40
    Alice B. Toklas. Famous Cook - Wrote recipe for Hash Fudge Filmed as. 'I Love You Alice B. Toklas'
    Allen Ginsberg, Poet.
    Andrea Corr, musician, "The Corrs".
    Anjelica Huston, Actress.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger. Actor. ``I did smoke a joint and I did inhale.''
    Art Garfunkel. Singer of, "Simon and Garfunkel" fame.
    Arthur Rimbaud
    Benjamin Franklin, Many claims but little proof.
    Bill "...but I didn't inhale." Clinton, Politician.
    Bill Gates. Not confirmed, just very strongly hinted at in his Playboy interview.
    Bill Murray Arrested for possession.
    Bing Crosby. Famous crooner of "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas". Now the Film "High Society" makes sense!
    Bix Beiderbecke Jazz musician.
    Black Crowes, musicians
    Bob Denver, Star of "Gilligan's Island".
    Bob Dylan, musician.
    Bob Marley, musician
    Burt Reynolds, actor. He left his first wife because of her drug use. But he has been seen in Cannabis Cafes.
    Bruce Lee.
    Cab Calloway, Jazz musician. Claimed he only used it once.
    Carl Sagan, Scientist - SiFi writer - film "Contact" More info here.
    Carlos Santana musician.
    Carrie Fischer, Actress
    Charlie Sheen, actor.
    Charlize Theron, Actress. More here.
    Charles Beaudelaire, Author.
    Cheech Marin, Actor, Don Johnson's sidekick in the TV detective series "Nash Bridges."
    Chris Conrad, Author and expert on Cannabis Hemp
    Chris Farley. Comedian.
    Chrissie Hynde, musician.
    Chris Rock, Actor, Comedian, Producer, Screenwriter.
    Chubby Checker, Musician. Sang; "Lets Twist Again".
    Cilla Black, Musician and presenter. Tried it in the '60's but didn't like it.
    Claire Rayner, Agony Aunt.
    Cody Kasch Actor. TV series Desperate Housewives
    Conan O'Brian TV Host
    Count Basie, Jazz Ban Leader. He was on an DEA file of marajuana users.
    Dame Margot Fonteyn, Prima ballerina. Also see entries for Rudolf Nureyev.
    David Bailey, Photographer .
    Dan Quayle . Politician.
    David Cameron . Politician. Leader of UK Conservative Party .
    David Hockney, Artist.
    Diego Rivera Mexican Artist
    Dion Fortune Welsh occultist.
    Dionne Warwick, Famous singer of "Walk on by".
    Dioscorides Pedanius, 1 st cent. AD. Greek physician. Wrote 'De Materia Medica', used for 1,500 years.
    Dizzy Gillespie, Jazz musician He was on an DEA file of marajuana users.
    Dr Francis Crick. Nobel Prize winner.
    Dr Lester Grinspoon.
    Dr R.D.Laing
    Dr W.B. O'Shaugnessy Re-introduced cannabis to European medicine.
    Drew Barrymore, actress.
    Duke Ellington, Jazz Band Leader. He was on an DEA file of marajuana users.
    Elliott Gould. Actor.
    Eminem, musician.
    Emperor Liu Chi-nu, made medical recomendation for its use.
    Emperor Shen-Nung, made first known medical recommendation for its use.
    Errol Flynn, Actor
    Evelyn Waugh. Author.
    Francis Ford Coppella, Film Director. Mentioned in "Easy Riders, Raging Bulls" by Peter Biskind
    Frances McDormand , Actress. Raising Arizona, Burning Mississippi, Fargo.
    Fats Waller, musician.
    Fitz Hugh Ludlow - wrote 'The Hasheesh Eater'.
    Francois Rabelais. 16 th French author. Recommended it as a food not a high.
    Friedrich Nietzsche, Used it as a medicine.
    Gary Johnson. Governor of New Mexico - Reformer.
    Gene Krupa, Jazz musician.
    George Gurdjieff , Russian Mystic.
    George W Bush Politician and professional hypocrite.
    George Melly, Jazz musician.
    George Soros, Financier and reformer.
    George Washington , grew it and there is evidence that he prepared it for smoking.
    And incidentally many other US presidents use to smoke Hemp.
    Thomas Jefferson.
    James Madison.
    James Monroe.
    Andrew Jackson,
    Zachary Taylor.
    Franklin Pierce.
    Also see entries for Bill Clinton and George Bush.
    Gerard de Nerval French writer
    Graham Greene, Author.
    Grateful Dead musicians.
    Harrison Ford, Actor. This is a claim made by Bill Maher that has not been denied.
    Hasan I-Sabah (Hasan-bin-Sabah) Leader of the Assassins.
    Heinrich Khunrath, Medieval Alchemist. and Philosopher.
    Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. Russian Theosophist.
    Henri Michaux poet and painter
    Howard Marks. Ex-smuggler and Raconteur.
    H R H Prince Harry, Third in line to the British throne.
    H R H Princess Margaret, sister to Her Majesty the Queen. Her son disputes the claim.
    Howard Stern, admitted it on the radio.
    Hua T'o Medical use as anaesthetic .
    Hunter S. Thompson, Author
    Isabel Allende, Chilean author. Mentioned in her book "Paula".
    Jack Kerouac, Author
    Jack Nicholson, actor.
    Jackie Gleason, actor. Another whom the DEA kept on their pot files.
    James Brown, musician
    Janis Joplin, musician. Tried it but "... she didn't like marijuana, it gave her the jitters."
    Jane Fonda, Actress.
    Jennifer Aniston, actress. "I enjoy smoking cannabis and see no harm in it", Daily Mail, 11/9/01.
    Jennifer Capriati, Tennis champ.
    Jesse Ventura, Governor of Minnesota.
    Jesus Christ. 'healed using cannabis'.
    Jim Morrison, musician.
    Jimmy Dorsey, Jazz musician, He was on an DEA file of marijuana users.
    Jimmy Hendrix, musician
    Joan of Arc, was accused of using witch herbs (another name cannabis).
    John Belushi, actor. Perhaps not a particularly good role model!
    John Denver, musician. He recorded a song about it.
    John F Kennedy. Politician.
    John Kerry . Politician. US Senator and Presidential candidate. Also see
    John Lennon. musician.
    John Le Mesurier. Actor. Tried it but said it's not for him.
    John Wayne, Actor, "I tried it once but it didn't do anything to me."
    Jonathan Miller, Theatre Director.
    Johnny Cash, musician. Sang songs for NORML album.
    Jon Snow, Channel 4 News presenter. (UK)
    Julia Roberts, Actress, "I smoked dope twice," ..." It made me too sleepy..."
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, legendary Los Angeles Lakers Basketball star
    Kary Mullis, Nobel Laurate, Biology. Is on NORML Board of directors.
    Ken Kesey, Author of "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" (1975)
    Kenneth Tynan, Playwright.
    Kirsten Dunste actress. (Spiderman) said the world would be a better place if "everyone smoked weed".
    Kurt Cobain, musician.
    Larry Hagman, actor, of "JR" fame.
    Led Zeppelin, musicians.
    Lenny Bruce, Comedian.
    Lewis Carroll, Author
    Lewis Wolpert, biologist.
    Little Richard, musician.
    Louis Armstrong, Jazz musician. The 'bust' in his own words.
    Luke Perry, actor.
    Louis Hebert, French Botanist
    Macaulay Culkin. Actor, Home Alone.
    Mark Stepnoski. two-time Super Bowl champ, Dallas Cowboy.
    Mick Jagger, musician
    Mike Bloomberg. New York City Mayor.
    Mike Tyson, Boxer.
    Miles Davis, Jazz musician.
    Milton Berle, Actor another one on the DEA list of smokers
    Mo Mowlam, Minister recently in charge of UK drug policy.
    Modigliani. Sculptor.
    Montel Williams Chat show host.
    Montgomery Clift, actor, mentioned in his biography.
    Neil Diamond, musician.
    Neil Young, Musician.
    Newt Gingrich Speaker of the US Senate.
    Norman Mailer, Author.
    Oasis, Noel Gallagher "smoking cannabis is as normal as having a cup of tea"
    Ocean Colour Scene, "the hardest smoking band in music" Q Magazine. 02/02.
    Oliver Stone, Film Director.
    Oscar Wilde, Author. "Bosie and I have taken to hashish,"
    Pablo Picasso, Artist.
    Pancho Villa, Revolutionary Leader.
    Peregrine Worthstone, former editor of the Sunday Telegraph.
    Peter Fonda, actor. "I don't trust anybody who didn't inhale."
    Peter Sellers, actor.
    Peter Tosh, Poet.
    Pierce Brosnan, actor. Playboy Interview December 2005.
    Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Former Prime Minister of Canada.
    Peter Tosh, Poet.
    Pink. Musician. Mentioned in Playboy interview (11/02).
    Pink Floyd, Musicians.
    P. J. O'Rouke. Author.
    Pythagoras, Mathematician.
    Queen Victoria.
    Ram Dass, Philosopher.
    Ray Charles, musician.
    Sir Richard Branson Entrepreneur. In a 2007 interview for GQ magazine.
    Richard Feynman physicist, joint recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965 for his work on quantum electrodynamics.
    Richard Pryor, actor.
    Robert Anton Wilson. Philosopher .
    Robert Mitchum, Actor, was jailed in the 40s for possession of marijuana.
    Rolling Stones, musicians.
    Rosie Boycott, former Editor of the Daily Express and The Independent.
    Ross Rebagliati, first ever snowboarding Gold Medallist, 1998 Winter Olympics.
    Rudolf Nureyev, Ballet dancer. Also see entry for Margot Fonteyn.
    Rudyard Kipling . Author.
    Ryan Farrell, Australian Sprint Car champion.
    Salvador Dali, Artist.
    Samuel Beckett, Author.
    Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Author.
    Sidi-Hidi. Sacred religious figure of Morocco, believed to have brought cannabis to the Atlas.
    Sinead O'Connor, musician.
    Sir Paul McCartney, Musician.
    Sir Mick Jagger, Musician. Of whom it was written; "Who breaks a butterfly on a wheel".
    Snoop Dogg, musician.
    Steve Martin , Actor.
    Stephen King. Author, "Tommy Knockers".
    Steve Jobs, co-creator of the Apple computer.
    Steven Soderbergh, Film director.
    Stephen Sondheim. Broadway composer and lyricist.
    Sting / Gordon Sumners, musician.
    Ted Turner, of CNN fame. This is a claim made by Bill Maher that has not been denied
    Terence McKenna.
    Terry Pratchett. Author of the "Diskworld" books. A bit of a cheeky claim perhaps, in that he did not object to being given a "cake".
    The Who, musicians.
    Thelonious Monk, Jazz musician.
    Timothy Leary
    Tomas Enge, Formula 3000 World Champion.
    Tommy Chong. Actor with Cheech Marin in "Up in Smoke " - "Cheech & Chong".
    Tommy Lee, Musician.
    Tony Booth, the father-in-law of Britain's Prime Minister. Smoked it in No 10.
    UB40, Band.
    Victor Hugo. Author 'Les MisÚrables'
    Walter 'Stumpy' Brennan actor.
    Walter Benjamin, Philosopher.
    Wesley Snipes, actor. Has been seen in Cannabis Cafes.
    Whitney Houston, musician.
    William Butler Yeats. Famous Irish Poet and Occultist.
    William S. Burroughs, Author.
    William Shakespeare. Dramatist. More here.
    Willie Nelson, musician.
    Woody Harrelson, Actor and reformer.
    Zoroaster, Persian prophet.

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    in addition to that list above,

    every rap artist currently - besides the ones that went crazy.


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    You're obviously trying to prove a point in a discussion (or rather use an argument, I should say) by demonstrating how the drug has been normalized in society to the extent that presidents and other famous role models admit to having used it. I think however you only really need to mention a few key people rather instead, as that would carry just as much weight and is more likely to be read. Perhaps maybe just the people that make policy, to show the hypocrisy of the system? However I would imagine even then it might be argued that if one had to be mother Teresa, metaphorically speaking, nothing would get done. So what is the list actually for?

    Or is it just a curiosity?

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    Jesus Christ

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    ^ did he get high or just annoint himself with oil?

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    How is Obama a "user"? does the word "user" imply some sort of plurality?

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    " I feel bad for those who have never been addicted to drugs...they dont know what it feels like to want something REALLY bad...and then get it over and over again"
    Forgot ol justin timberlake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twatter, PHD View Post
    How is Obama a "user"? does the word "user" imply some sort of plurality?
    Obama drank and smoked weed in high school and college and he occasionally did coke, at least in high school. He was never a very heavy drug user, but he used some drugs. In his autobiography he talks about watching a guy shoot up and being offered heroin, which he didn't do. He says he stopped using drugs when he moved to New York City to go to Colombia University.

    He talks a bit about his drug use in his autobiography, which came out in the mid 90s.

    So he's a past user I guess.

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    Brad Pitt LOVES hash

    and George Micheal has been arrested a few times for Cannabis possession and there was one time he was so high he ran his Range Rover into the side of some store.. right through the window lol

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    Drugs in the Media
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    "Darkness cannot be dissipated with more darkness. More darkness will make darkness thicker. Only light can dissipate darkness. Violence and hatred cannot be removed with violence and hatred." - Thich Nhat Hanh
    I think that Snoop Dogg might have tentatively tried cannabis at some point in his life.

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    Margaret Cho used to smoke and use other drugs but I think she's pretty much sober now since she had a major alcohol addiction but went to AA/treatment and stopped drinking and abusing drugs.

    Most musicians.

    Here's another list I found. Not sure how accurate it is but a lot of the names on it aren't that surprising. Frank Zappa is on the list but apparently he was more into just drinking and I read how he tried pot but just didn't like it at all, and was pretty against drugs. I remember reading how if he caught members of his bands using drugs he would fire them or get very angry at them.
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    Drugs in the Media
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    "Darkness cannot be dissipated with more darkness. More darkness will make darkness thicker. Only light can dissipate darkness. Violence and hatred cannot be removed with violence and hatred." - Thich Nhat Hanh
    ^ I am pretty sure that Frank Zappa did not drink.
    It is pretty famous that he was very, very sober for most of his life.

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    What is the point of this thread? There's a social thread if you want to have an off-topic chat. Closed.

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