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    DXM - No Effect 
    Trying DXM for the first time tonight, here are by notes so far:
    8:56 - Begin DXM: 8 tablets, 240 mg
    9:28 - Approx 30 minute mark. Maybe slight hazy feeling. Could be psychosymatic.Gonna piss and smoke. More later.
    9:37 - Still no effect.
    9:41 - Feeling vaguely lightheaded and nauseous.
    9:56 - One hour mark, no effect
    10:17 - Still no effect, taking 4 more tablets, 120mg
    10:37 - Time of BlueLight post, still no effect

    Couldn't find Robo, taking some generic DXM HBr cherry flavored lozenges that dissolve on your tongue, 30mg/ea. I've taken 12, or 360mg.
    No effects so far. Am I doing something wrong? I have a whole 'nother box, same thing. 360mg total, these are mint flavored. Would it help if I downed them?
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    No. So many times I've heard "Nothing was happening, so I doubled my dose; sure enough it worked, and it toally kicked my ass."

    You might be hyper-metabolising the DXM, sure, but it's better not to risk doubling your dose at this stage. If you are hyper-metabolising it, I reckon you should just find another drug, it's not going to be worth it.

    I say, be patient, give it another half hour. Sometimes the effects take a while to kick in, especially when you've had something to eat beforehand. Good luck!
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    11:12 - Still no effect, another 120mg down the hatch. Minty. Gonna smoke another cigarette.
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    I didn't see your post before posting again. I read extensively on DXM before beginning, and never heard anything about hyper-metabolising. I had a few chips and an energy drink before starting. I did hear that nicotine will potentate, so I'ma try smoking.
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    I would say it has something to do with the fact your takikg the dxm via lozenge. I know it sounds stupid dxm is dxm but if your not feeling it and dont feel it for the rest of the night then that is very strange. I have a feeling it will all of a sudden start kicking in and you will be on your ass. Many times i have taken dxm and had to wait hours...sometimes i would just take the dxm and take a 3 hour nap and have my alarm clock set so when i would wake up i would be tripping. What brand of coough drops have 30mgs dxm each in them anyway? Never heard of that.
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    Some Generic brand. Duract Max Strength Cough 8 hour. Taken 15 of the damn things. Coming up on the 3 hour mark.
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    It looks like you're outta luck. Sorry, mate. Give it another shot another time at a higher dose, but if that doesn't work, maybe you should look into something else. Swallowing a gram's worth of DXM for a mild trip just ain't worth it.
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    Thinking I'm gonna down these last 8, 240mgs, bringing me to a grand total of 720mgs. If I don't feel anything in an hour, I think I'm done with DXM for a long time. I weigh approx 61kgs, or 140 lbs. A dosage like this should get me to second plateau at least, most likely third plateau, but I've experienced absolutely nothing.
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    dxm is one hell of a of my favorites if not my fav., if you dont trip then next time be patient and wait until theres a good source of dxm to take...cough drops is prolly the worst way to go.
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    but belive me if that 720 mgs kicks in and its your first them then your in for one hell of a surprise...ur asking 3rd plateau easily
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    I think it may have kicked in a little. Gonna take notes, and I'll post my experience after the fact.
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    Well you've taken 720mgs but its been spread out over many hours. I'm not sure exactly how this works but lets say that your initial dose of 240mgs is as much of an effect as your going to get and the re-dosing has just extended the experience.

    240mgs on a completely empty stomach should definitely produce noticeable results. With food maybe not. It could also be the fact that you used lozenges instead of liquid - I've only ever used the syrup. I would think that this would make some difference like maybe an extra hour for the lozenges to break down in your stomach but it should still work.

    So next time use the syrup and have your full dose at once on an empty stomach and if you still get nothing from 300 or 400mg then it may be you.
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    I've achieved a drunk-but-aware like state, and not much else. Stomach rumbling. I think I'll try the liquid next time. Four hours and $14 is not worth it.
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    Try taking them all at once next time. 600-700mg.

    Wait a few weeks, though, for best effect.
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    And what was your reasoning for using cough drops again? Why didnt you try robotussin maximum strength cough, robotussin cough gels.....or god forbid my favorite but notriously most dangerous Coricidin Cough and Cold. You take 720 mgs of dxm from any of those three sources of dxm then i PROMISE you you will be in for one hell of a trip. In my opinion dxm gets me way farther out then lsd
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    Well i guess the term "farther out" is kind of hard to define....but it deffinatly gets me to a weirder place then mushrooms or acid has ever gotten me, only thing that can compare is a nice k hole on ketamine....nothing like walking thru the subconcious INCEPTION style
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    I too had no effect from DXM when I consumed 1 gram orally washed down with grapefruit juice.

    My head felt a little bit different but definatly no OEV or closed visuals or anything else remotely trippy tbh. My eyes were like saucers and I did feel reasonably good but was very dissapointed as from what ive read online thought it would be a million times better.

    I had been a ketamine addict for approx. 2 years going through grams daily and basically a K-hole is non existent to me nowadays, I need at least a half gram line to feel some decent/strong effects and its good stuff because I have mates (who dont take k) and they do like 50mg lines and are absouloutely mangled.

    If you're like me and have abused every illegal substance on this planet then dont even bother taking DXM as its a waste of money and makes you feel like a retard the next day.

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    You take under 300mg and wonder why shit don't happen???

    I recently talked about this in a thread of my own... i had to take 360mg before i started to get a good kick out of it , you cant read the dosage/plateau's table and get scared to up the mg dose
    really under 300 is fuck all and barley get's you to the deep end of plateau 1 if your anything like me , if youve done a trial run and nothing happen'd hit up 360+mg like i did on your 2nd attempt.

    First attempt for me was 270mg
    Second attempt for me was 360mg
    My third attempt will be 450-500mg

    You see where im going with this? , Also re-dosing does nothing but extended the trip not build on it so your initial dose is the one that count's.
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    After I got off last night I felt a kind of peaceful feeling, but I was unable to see straight. Took a shower and I sat in there for a good 2 hours cause the heat felt good. Occasionally, I would feel like my mind was wondering off and not letting me reel it back in, once every 10 min or so. After my shower I tried to go to sleep but was unable to, I experienced visuals (fractals, kinda) when I closed my eyes in complete darkness. Ended up laying there watching them for about 3-4 hours before finally falling asleep.
    If I do end up trying DXM again, I'll try a higher initial dose instead of re-dosing. Maybe somewhere in the field of 360-400mg.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vlampy View Post
    . If I do end up trying DXM again, I'll try a higher initial dose instead of re-dosing. Maybe somewhere in the field of 360-400mg.
    After reading that last post i recommend you do a dose of 340-360mg and see how that goes , because when i did 270 on my first attempt i basiclly experienced nothing , where as you
    have experienced at least something , so maybe don't mimic me if your not up to it , but judging from the sounds 340mg-360mg should be pretty good for you , dont jump to 400mg just yet bro.
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    Let me just say, I have never had any luck with Duract lozenges. I've taken over 900mg of those things and never got past a mid-second plateau. Take the gels or the syrup, because even though Duract tastes better, it's not gonna do what you want.
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    Funny that I stumble on this again during my return to BL for a different drug, looking for info on coadministering dxm and dextroamphetamine for tolerance issues. Forgive me for necro-ing this thread, but it seems I wasn't entirely forthcoming with my report the following day. Stand by for story time...

    Here's what really happened: After I posted saying I was feeling something, my vision had done a warpy thing in tunnel fashion, my eyes suddenly seemed to be way further back in my head; think fisheye lense, but I think they call it the "dxm wacky-cam". I had a supermini panic overcome me, the effects were very strong when they finally did hit me, and they hit me like a semi going downhill with no breaks. The effects quickly snowballed into a 4th plateau experience. Since, I've learned that I take forever to feel the effects of nearly anything, so the 4-5 hour delay was warranted, methinks.

    I quickly cut all ties to anyone I was speaking to online and, being home alone while experiencing my first true "psychedelic/disassociative" experience, attempted to lay down and sleep it off. In retrospect, I was horribly underprepared for what I had naively dived into.
    Drunkenly stumbling into my dark bedroom lighted by only the hall light through the open door and flopping on the bed, my vision was neon-splotchy, similar to when you are surrounded by bright things in a dark room and suddenly kill the power, although these "splotches" moved and had more of a geometric flavor to them vice the normal amorphorous blobby look you get when the rods in your eyes slowly readjust to darkness.
    I left the door open because I couldn't bring myself to shut it, I had this indescribable feeling that if I did, everything on the other side would disappear. I already had the irrational belief (I even realized it was irrational but couldn't shake it) that everything outside of my own house had fallen away: my house was on solid ground, but that ground itself had separated from the Earth, floating through space, dirt, roots, and plumbing dripping off intermittently as a result of it's sudden departure via forceful ripping. It's funny how clear this image was in my mind. I also believed that if I closed myself into any place, the remainder of the house would disappear in the same fashion.

    When closing my eyes in a futile attempt at sleep, my body would slowly disappear in the same general concept as above, eg. closing my eyes shut me in from everything including my own body. It was subtly terrifying as part of me believed I had died when I lost the feeling of my own heartbeat, but I was calm at the same time. Quite a peculiar feeling; the general feeling of "something is wrong" never left me through the entire experience, but it was concurrent to an increasing level of peaceful tranquility. My body returned when I opened my eyes, so this further soothed my fears.

    When in this complete disassociative state behind closed eyes, I felt like I was traveling through a dark hallway/tunnel in space, faintly curtained in a kind of glimmer all around, the word wormhole comes to mind. There was an almost imperceptable feeling that something was gently "guiding" me to something, keeping me from harm as I hurtled down this "path" at an uncomfortably increasing speed. When I opened my eyes and closed them again the process began anew, so I steeled myself in curiosity of the destination and closed them not to open them again before seeing where the end lay. I began that increasing speed until I hit a speed where I could go no faster and the word "lightspeed" rang in my inner mind.My consciousness was now shed of all connection to body and reality.

    Suddenly, I entered a large bubble of space, coming to an instant stop. at the center of this sphere, there was an object. My invisible guide gave me the feeling that this thing was what I had come for and needed to see. I hovered/swam/floated towards it. When I was almost close enough to make out what it was, I felt a feeling... it's still hard to explain. I almost instincutally knew that I was feeling it's feelings, that it was something with intelligence, and that it would not harm me. I could feel it's suprise at my arrival, followed by ammusement and welcoming.
    When I got close enough, I saw it's shape, and I'll try my best to describe it. It was an upside-down funnel with geometric shapes of neon blue-green endges and black centers. They appeared from nothing at the bottom fringes, began to spiral up until they reached the pinnacle, then disappeared into nothing.
    Once I made out it's shape, I was completely enveloped with a overwhelming sense of calm peace. It directed my attention to somewhere out in the universe, and I saw Earth. I suddenly saw rapidly flashing pictures of people. They showed humanity at it's best and worst, where it had succeeded beyond expectation and where it had horribly failed, people in joy and despair. All of these were accompanied with either an sense of utter joy or a sense of deep sadness, the power of these emotions almost too much to bear.
    When these stopped, I was left with a single extremely powerful emotion that cannot be described with one word. It's the feeling a parent gets for their children, but with a power that mortals are incapable of. The power only a divine being could muster, and it engulfed every fiber of my soul with indescribable euphoria. "It" had seen humanity stumble and fall, but "it" knew we would stand back up, brush ourselves off, and continue on. That mixed feeling of pride, sadness, joy, empathy, pain, and complete selflessness, wanting to protect from all hurt and pain so badly and yet knowing that we would never learn what we needed to if we were sheltered. In other words, when a child goes to stick his hand on something hot, you want to stop him and often do, but he will never know the meaning to it's fullest until he does and gets burnt. I suddenly knew. Humanity was not bad, not evil, not horrible at it's heart. We were all just children, ignorant but learning the only way we knew how; trial and error until we succeed, sometimes needing to learn the lesson more than once.

    Then, suddenly, I was back in my own body, though the afterglow of that feeling has been with me since, even now.

    I took a shower for hours, even after the water turned to ice, just musing about everything I had learned, while my body removed the chemical from my body. Overall, the physical effects were horrid but the shamanistic experience was priceless to me. Even now, I'm happier, more gentle, more kind, more saddened when others hurt each other or fail, and that unique parental feeling has never left me. I am still immensely glad to have had the priviledge of the enlightenment the revalation has brought.

    Anyway, if you took the time to read that then I hope the read was at least somewhat entertaining. I didn't spell-check it because I'm on my phone and I've been called to do other things, so forgive the errors.
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    I know what you mean here exactly. I felt that for a while too but it lasted only about 30-60 minutes as my double dosing (total of 750 divided by two) overlapped.

    I had a similar experience to yours. I felt extremely calm and compassionate... in comparison to something like MDMA which I think is also a fantastic drug, MDMA is a bit more selfish I feel, almost hedonistic, in relation to the empathogenic properties I felt while tripping on DXM.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vlampy View Post
    I quickly cut all ties to anyone I was speaking to online and, being home alone while experiencing my first true "psychedelic/disassociative" experience, attempted to lay down and sleep it off. In retrospect, I was horribly underprepared for what I had naively dived into.
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    Hey guys... about 3.5 hours into a 500mg (half initially then waiting an hour and a half for the other 250) Duract extra strength mint flavored "melt in your mouth" attempt at a DXM trip, but to no avail.

    Just wanted to assert what I was reading earlier although I'm a bit confused as to when and how much you took for these "floating house" thoughts to occur?... I have tripped DXM (only Cordicidin and the Robo gels) 3 times and had a blast, but just cant figure out why these tasty tabs dont work??? As you already know they are 30mg's of DXM per tab with no other actives in them... dumbfounded I guess works as an adjective...really just looking to enjoy a Friday night on the xbox.
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    Vlampy, great trip report!
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