Thread: reusing old cotton balls?

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    reusing old cotton balls? 
    So SWIM has a few old cotton balls that are drenched with tar resin. SWIM boiled one down and shot it to get a little buzz, and it worked a little. is this okay to do, can SWIM get high by doing this?
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    Hi caliboi123,

    Please don't use SWIM at Bluelight. Check out the Support FAQ in my signature for more information on why and if you feel like going back through your post and editing to use proper pronouns feel free .

    As for your question there will be a small amount of left over dope in the cotton balls and you could inject it into your blood stream to get a little high. Unfortunatly bacteria and mold love wet environments, so once you get the cotton ball wet (and contaminated with street drugs and your fingers and spoon etc.) if you reuse it you are risking a bad infection for a tiny tiny hit. In fact cotton itself can contain toxins which can make you very sick so although it is better than not filtering at all, looking into a micron filter would be your best bet. Check out the micron filtering thread located in the OD Directory linked in my signature.

    If you are worried about drugs getting lost in the cotton you can try quickly rewashing it right after using it the first time (and refiltering I might add). If you have a bunch of left over old cottons it is just not a good idea to shoot that solution no matter what you do to it. At the very least use another ROA besides injection and idealy just bin it.
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    I have gotten cotton fever a number of times from the bacteria from re-using old cottons. Did I get a rush/high? Yes. Was it worth it? Definitely not. Unless you have like 100 cottons the size of the hit you'll get is probably not very big, and cotton fever is VERY unpleasent. Just throw them away.
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    Not that you should do this, but back in the junky days, I used old cottons all the time and never had any problems. I only had cotton fever one time, and it was because of my own stupidity, and was a fresh cotton.
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    so not worth it! my ex would reuse old cottons all the time and got cotton fever many times as a result. you do not want cotton fever IT IS HORRIBLE! the amount of dope you're gonna get from an old cotton is negligible, don't bother.
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