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    does methamphetamine produce a bodily odor? 
    I'm just curious because I just smelled it on someone else that has done meth with me for a while and for the first time. I'm curious if I have had it all along and I just didn't notice or something.

    My friend smelled just really sour but it wasn't a constant stream of this smell. It came in waves when you were around him. I'm wondering if I have been smelling the same way the whole time but i dont notice it. I know for a fact that your brain will start to filter out smells you smell a lot of or is potent so it doesn't get in the way of your focus on your other senses. Its just a natural mechanism. How possible is it that I have had that stench lingering on me for a while now? I shower everyday and so does my friend. Hygiene is out of the question. I also know that meth has chemicals that excrete through your pores and such as a method of detoxifying your body in addition to just the natural flow of your bodily functions. Could this cause a scent that I have become blind to? If so, that's kind of embarrassing. Have you smelled your own stench from meth?

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    Yeah it's possible. It happened to me, I was smoking it with 2 other people one time and it only seemed to affect me. I took a shower that day, then a shower after it happened and it didn't help.

    I asked one of my doctors about it, and she told me the reason was the liver enzyme fmo3 is involved in the metabolism of amphetamine. It's also involved in the metabolism of choline, sulfur, nitrogen, basically things your liver has to metabolize that are smelly. If these smelly things cannot be metabolized into non-smelly things then your body will get rid of the excess through your pores which will cause an odour.

    If your liver is already producing too little of this enzyme, then the meth will use a lot of it up and there won't be enough left to metabolize all that other smelly stuff in your body that I mentioned. All that other smelly stuff will just get excreted through your pores.

    I have a medical condition that causes my liver to produce too little of the fmo3 enzyme, and when I smoked meth my body released such an insanly strong odour you could smell me from all the way down a city block. It was fucking crazy. Imagine you're standing on the street somewhere and you see people at such a long distance away reacting to your body odour. I know people will say you imagined it and meth psychosis, but trust me it was 100% real. The people I was with when I smoked the meth confirmed it for me and taking showers would do nothing.

    Like I said, I have a medical condition where my liver normally produces way too little of this enzyme, so normally I give off an odour that changes, but it can be soury or pungent at times, or also like burnt rubber or feces at other times. So a sour smell can definitely be caused by too little of this enzyme.

    See this article:
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    ^Right on the money.

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    Phenylacetone, a metabolite of amphetamine, also stinks like shit.
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    Thanks for all that information. Wow I had no idea.

    Haha now I am thoroughly embarrassed. I have on and off smelled the stench of dog shit, urine, and sour body covered in sweat but I work in a casino so I just figured it was the patrons within that I would catch a whiff of. But this all started the day I smoked way too much and stopped suddenly four days later. Yeah, I am profoundly embarrassed. My co workers stopped going out on smoke breaks with me too during those days, haha. Oh my goodness. I want to hide under a rock now haha.

    My question now is how long does it last? I understand that everyone metabolizes shit at a different rate but is there like a given average or a half-life for the chemicals?

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    Methamphetamine's half life is 9-12 hours (usually about 10 hours), however, it is metabolized into amphetamine, which can also cause body odor problems, so a bit longer than that.

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    Is there any way to mask or eliminate it or am I just stuck with the odor until it fades?

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    I've heard the amp/meth is responsible for the bad breath. But was told the body odor is mostly a side effect of the stress caused by being up for so long/geeking in general, you produce more ammonia.

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    Another reason why taking stimulants gives you bad breath and general dental issues is because it dries your mouth out, reducing the amount of saliva. Saliva is a natural anti-bacterial and having less of it means more bacteria in your mouth. More bacteria = worse breath. More bacteria = higher risk of gum disease and tooth loss.

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    a individual i know who is in contact with amphet users say the first thing he will do is smell the individual and they call it tweekreek and he claims a better than 85 % accuracy .lesson here going to be near the man take a good shower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by creampuff View Post
    Is there any way to mask or eliminate it or am I just stuck with the odor until it fades?
    Unfortunately all you can do is wait it out.

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    see, this is really weird. i take showers every day but i guess i'm not thorough enough in the soaping up and stuff. so, i actually just went and go a more abrasive scrubbing apparatus (a weird body brush type deal) rather than a pouf and it was just weird. i mean, i shower daily whether or not i'm on this stuff.

    i normally stop the shower head, soap myself up with the pouf, then resume the shower. but today, i used this body scrubber and when i resumed the shower after soaping, the suds from the soap rinsed off a light grey. it was really weird. i don't think it was the scrubber seeing as it is made of pink plastic all around. i repeated the steps of soaping up and rinsing 4 additional times until the suds ran off white like it should.

    could that nasty grey stuff running off in my soap be the culprit behind the body odor that everyone but me has possibly been smelling? if not, do you guys know what that could have been? has this happened to you?

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    It sounds to me like a layer of skin that wasn't sloughed off the last time you showered. Could be a combination of the detox process of it coming out of your system, mixing in with some dead skin cells you don't normally notice. I have had that happen. If you are using a body brush, try using it dry before you shower, it will take off your dead skin and anything your skin has secreted much better.

    Just texted my ex-meth user friend and she said oh yeah, you get a stink. She said she'd have it so bad it would start to offend her.

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    The grey stuff is almost definitely dead skin cells. You skin has those covering it anyway, and anyone who switches to a more exfoliating thing would likely notice the same thing. There is a physiological reason for the smell, which has been mentioned earlier in the thread..

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    Thanks for your post, my friends weren't so kind to just be honest with me, they just started playing games like, how many clues can we give without her figureing out what were saying. Anyway I suspect I have the same medical condition, (tmau) I wonder if you found a way to do meth and not smell.Thanks

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    Have you ever smelled a shaking bottle??

    I assume meth is metabolised into some pretty nasty smelling things if synthesis smells that bad.

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