Thread: How bad are opiates for your brain?

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    How bad are opiates for your brain? 
    I came across this list today online of "The 50 worst things for your brain"

    Heroin was number 39. I am wondering if there is truth to this? Of course, they did not list references.
    However, I would like to know if there is truth to these claims or if anyone has come across similar findings.


    "39) Using heroin – As you probably expected, using heroin will kill your brain cells. Heroin has been linked to Alzheimer-like brain damage. Opiate use has been associated with sped up aging in the brain. Heroin causes nerve-cell damage in essential parts of the brain. Don’t let a drug like Heroin ruin your brain and your life!"
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    While I don't have sources backing me up, as far as I know, opiates like heroin are harmful for your brain in that they can cause respiratory depression, and at that point your brain isn't getting enough oxygen and that can cause brain damage. In that sense, I can see them being bad for your brain, but that's about it.
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    they dont necessarily damage your brain, unless you OD. with repeated use they will rewire it so you depend on them and IMO they fuck with the memory a little more so then weed but for the most part there isnt much damage done from what i know, sure someone else more knowledgable tho will chime in soon
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    I'd be very, very suspicious... I would like to see some more solid research pointing to that conclusion, that opiates cause "nerve-cell damage in essential parts of the brain."
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    No I've never heard about opiates causing brain damage by themselves. Respiratory depression as the result of an overdose is a different story, and by that logic an OD on soma (soma coma) can be just as bad as one on heroin.
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