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    The evil of the war on drugs 
    Its phenomenal how much harm this war on drugs brings to the world and everything in it. The proponents of prohibition really can't be dumb enough to believe that they are doing good for the world and the people in it by propagating this "war". I could write a book on it but I'll keep it short and just say whats on my mind right now. Just about every criminal organisation in the world depends on the war on drugs to maintain a steady income but some of the most ruthless and downright evil criminal organisations this world has ever seen have been directly created by the war on drugs. Lets look at Mexico for instance. The northern areas of the country have become hell on earth for the inhabitants as the drug cartels fight to cease and maintain control of these areas which are of great strategic importance to the people in the smuggling business. Los Zetas are one of the most ruthless organisations this world has ever seen and are responsible for the killing and torture of countless people in Mexico and abroad. The founders of this organisation were originally members of the Mexican army who were working on the side for the Sinaloa cartel. Considering they were paid exponentially greater amounts of money by the cartel than the army its not surprising that they worked for the cartels but eventually they decided to gain a more direct involvement in the drug trade and formed their own organisation which they called Los Zetas. All across central and south America you'll find the same story. The ruthless cartels which terrorise the people of these poor countries gained the motivation and power to become what they are as a direct result of drugs being scarce and expensive worldwide. Yesterday I watched Ross Kemps documentary on Belize and in it the police claim that violent crime in Belize has skyrocketed over the past couple of decades as a result of south American drug smugglers giving the locals the opportunity to get involved in the drug trade. Colombian cartels use Belize as a stepping stone to Mexico because the police of that country have far less resources than the Mexican police force. The cartels pay the locals there huge sums of money to provide them with fuel and other services and as a result many people down there are inspired to get involved in this lucrative business and this is a major factor contributing to the escalation in organised crime and violence in this country.

    Fuelling criminal organisations is just one of the many ways in which the war on drugs is causing worldwide damage, suffering and poverty. Another major factor obviously is the resources that go into enforcing the war on drugs. The DEA is an organisation whos sole purpose is to enforce the WOD. The billions of dollars that goes into funding the DEA and other organisations appointed to enforce it could be put into constructive things. Its the governments duty to ensure the needs of the people they govern are met (otherwise whats the point in having a government) and there are countless people living in poverty throughout the US and every country in which this WOD is enforced yet the government chooses to waste resources on trying to stop something which anyone with half a brain knows cannot be stopped mainly because vast amounts of people across the world require the service which criminal organisations have stepped in to provide. In the big picture, all these resources are wasted because nothing is produced. The resources put into the WOD by the police forces could be utilised by the police to do far more important things. Thanks to the WOD now normal people who would otherwise be completely law abiding citizens are turned into criminals and as a result the police by doing their job must deal with these people. Considering the kind of people one comes in contact with in jail, its not surprising that people who pose no threat to society or anyone for that matter often come out of prison as criminals who actually do pose a threat. As for the people who choose to ingest psychoactive substances for whatever reasons. These people are well aware of the suffering caused by the WOD because they experience a lot of it themselves. Thanks to prohibition, the user must often deal with criminals in order to live their lives the way they see fit. They have no idea whether they get what they pay for or not and have no idea what the substances are tainted with. As a result a great deal of risk and self harm comes with just being a user of substances. Thanks to the efforts of the enforcers of the WOD, the substances are scarce and extremely expensive. People who depend on these substances can rarely afford to maintain their habit with their ordinary lifestyle and as a result they often resort to illegal activities. This is clearly another way in which the WOD creates criminals out of people who would ordinarily be harmless, law abiding citizens. Thanks to prohibition, many extremely negative things have become an integral part of the lifestyle of anyone who chooses to regulate their neurochemistry using prohibited substances. Having infectious diseases such as Hep C and even HIV (i.e. from using 2nd hand needles or lowering their hygiene standards due to all their money going into supporting their habit) has become commonly accepted as an integral part of the lifestyle of habitual users of drugs like heroin or meth. Its considered normal for female drug users to resort to prostitution in order to support their habit.

    Considering that many people continue to support prohibition and have the idea that many of the negative things I mentioned, are properties of drug themselves as opposed to the manufactured scarcity of them, I can only conclude that many people are incapable of seeing the big picture. Maybe I would be one of these people if I hadn't been exposed to psychoactive substances early in life and as a result, saw through the bullshit that the media, police and other so called authorities on the matter had been trying to feed me my whole life. The solution to a large percentage of the problems associated with drugs is very simple. Legalise and regulate. Bootlegging was only a scourge when alcohol was prohibited. Nowadays any intelligent person can see that alcohol itself is not a problem, problems associated with it only arise when people misuse it. I'm amazed that a man like Ron Paul ran for presidency. If he spoke the truth then I believe he would have catalysed an enormous evolution, not just in the US but throughout the world considering how everything is intricately interconnected. I'm not surprised that he didn't get elected. After the Bush administration, the people of the US wanted a radical change and for the first time in history they were presented with the option of having an African American president, a female president and a good man. Unfortunately they opted for superficial change and elected a president who might look different to the previous presidents but hasn't the intention or ability to actually change anything. Like the majority of those before him, Obama talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk. Maybe its all for the better though, there is a silent revolution occuring in the US and worldwide and this is a revolution of the mind catalysed by the ultimate means of communication, the internet. Now the average man is wising up and becoming well aquainted with the fact that the words of those who we allow to govern us don't necessarily coincide with their agendas. People are learning to see through their bullshit and think for themselves. I believe that its inevitable that majority of people will eventually see not only the futility of the war on drugs, but the inherent destruction and harm it entails. Some people like to live with the illusion that the government represent the masses and that we all have a direct say in which way the wind blows while they are in power but I believe the days nearing when everyone decides they're better off pulling their heads outta their asses and facing the facts.
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    we always appreciate your thoughts, but this is more suited to your blog. you could also post a news article about these issues in the Drugs in the Media forum, and then discuss the topic and voice your thoughts.

    welcome to bluelight.

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