Thread: How does Valium compare to Klonopin/Xanax

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    How does Valium compare to Klonopin/Xanax 
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    Klonopin and Xanax... worked the same strengths for me... I always preferred Klonopin because it lasted for 8-12 hours for me as oppose to 2-4 hours for Xanax

    My benzo tolerance... uh... put it this way

    I take 4mg minimum for any slight effect
    8-12mg Average
    Up to 20mg
    (All single-doses)

    Didn't really have much of a muscle relaxing effect on me

    I hear 10mg Valium = 0.5mg of Xanax OR Klonopin

    But... I also heard Valium has a more stimulating muscle relaxant effect...

    Someone help me out here?

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    Xanax is more of a knock you on your ass benzo... it will stop a panic attack dead in its tracks. It's short acting 4-6 hours but it packs a punch.

    Klonopin is a longer acting benzo, but make no mistake.. in high enough doses it will cause black outs...

    Valium is also a long acting benzo... it's more hypnotic. It's an excellent muscle relaxant.. I actually switched from xanax to valium due to it's long acting qualities and the fact that it is a great muscle relaxer. It's effects will be similiar to klonopin, I find valium to be more euphoric. 10mg diazepam for 1mg clonazepam.

    Recreationally, I prefer Valium.

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    How do you guys compare Klonopin o to Lorazepam? I havent tried Klonopin yet & want to hoping it is better than Ativan.

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    throughout the years i been prescribed Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, *Ativan*,l and Temazepam. I find ativan to be very subtle and has less of an effect on your impairmentm which is a good thing and at the same time does help with anxiety/panic, however once you been taking klonopin and xanax and develop a tolerance, ativan pretty much doesn't do a damn thing at all, generally speaking ativan has some good qualities for anxiety, it's pretty much a smoother subtle less sedating benzo out of the above i mentioned. As far as comparing Klonopin to Ativan there are some differences. Klonopin is a longer acting benzo, typically presribed to be taken 3 times a day maximum, it has a duration of 8-12 hours, and a very long half life, it has good qualities as a muscle relaxer and for generalized anxiety disorder/depression. On the other hand Ativan has a shorter half life and shorter duration, it usually lasts 4-6 hours and alot of times given out 4 times a day to take as needed, its prescribed for sleep, anxiety/panic attacks, i find it less sedating than klonopin, weaker in general and doesn't again affect your judgement as much as the other benzos. it still is very addicting however and tolerance will occur rapidly. Ativan is useless to people who have high tolerance to klonopin/xanax(yes even 4mg a day of those 2 drugs is high enough to make ativan not beneficial at all) it does work well though when taken as needed,

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    I used to mix my Ativans with alcohol and it hardly potentiated anything

    There's a reason I left it out

    Ativan becomes nothing once you've hit a 2-4mg Klonopin threshhold

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    Different benzos do different things to different people. For me, Ativan (lorazepam) is nearly as strong as Klonopin (clonazepam).

    I don't know what you mean by "stimulating muscle relaxant effect" but, yes, Valium (diazepam) does have a muscle relaxant effect (not a stimulant effect...). Diazepam is sometimes prescribed for this purpose.

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    I think that all of them work different to different my opinion is lorazepam and diazepam have more possibilities for recreational uses..clonazepam it's good at 1-3mg, not more, and alpazolam makes me wanna sleep. Of course that's just me, and i'm surprized to see that as i read, i'm the only person that xanax makes sleepy..WTF?


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    You take 10-20mg of which benzo in a single dose? Klonopin/ Xanax?

    The equivalences really fall apart when comparing huge doses like this. 10mg alprazolam isn't equivalent to 400mg diazepam... definitely start much, much lower, like around 40mg, preferably lower.

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    xanax klonipins = awesome high/ waking up in jail ( from my experiences ) and valium = nothing

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    k-pins are better than valuim and valium is better than ativan.

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    ^OP means how do they compare mg to mg.

    but it varies from person to person, an i am sure he has figured it out by now. gonna close this. anyone has any questions about the thread, PM me.

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