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    Green ak-47 ?? 
    Just wondering if anyone has tested the green imprinted ak-47 going up and down the east coast ??
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    BAD! tested no reaction. suspected 5-meo dipt or nasty dose of pipes... dont eat it.. trust! saw ur post an created new account cuz forget password on old account signed up just to give this warning!!
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    Munch thx
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    I think I recall a green one tested on edata with mdpv
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    yeh those are an old press tho, and those have an outpress ak. the ones i think the OP is talkin about are the ones that have been flooding up an down the east coast for 4+ months. they are recent. an tested no reaction. in ne event this press is nasty new or old.. AVOID!
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    I actually had allready taken when this thread was made. It had the most Novel vissuals I have expierinced ! I have done mushros (lots of em) acid, 2c-I, and unfortunately some pipes. Unlike those one listed these ak's would really morph and become 3d if I stared at an object for 3 seconds or so, very imteresting.
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