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    2cp - Experienced - Woodland Magic 
    One Saturday I was hanging out in a lakeside woodland cabin and decided to take about 12mg of 2cp in the early afternoon. I've taken it a handful of times before, and I've always found it to be a beautiful, sustaining chemical. I've never taken more than 15 mg, and I tend to stick around 12-15 mg in order to avoid unpleasant physical side effects.

    As usual, I feel an alert about 15 minutes in, but the come up slowly marches along with no significant psychedelic quality until about 3 hours in. At this point a late afternoon sun is warming my private lakeside beach, and swimming under the increasing effects of the 2cp both relieves the stimulation in my limbs as well as feeling amazing. Soft summer light falls across the woods around the lake, and a perfect summer afternoon is enhanced by this warm, gentle drug.

    I have found in the past that hours 3-12 of this drug are best spent moving, and swimming is ideal. I feel like I could swim for miles without feeling tired. I'll note I'm a comfortable and experienced swimmer; I don't recommend swimming on psychedelic drugs unless it's already second nature.

    I had planned to take some 4-aco-dmt a few hours in to the 2cp trip, but when the time comes I don't see the need. At this dosage and in the woods, 2cp feels more like mescaline to me than it does when I'm at home or a party. All the growing things around me seem lit by an internal light, and visuals are faint in the daylight -- visual effects are more along the lines of enriched color and detail in my beautiful surroundings. Ripe raspberries stand out against green foliage from a distance I wouldn't normally be able to see.

    The evening comes on slowly and dreamily and at times I can't tell whether I'm on a drug or simply happy and surrounded by nature and good friends. There is a lot of laughter, but no confusion or speediness -- instead I find 2cp stretches time out in a unique way, where an hour lasts a century and a day goes by in an instant.

    After a filling dinner of grilled fish and vegetables, my friends and I light a bonfire on the beach and watch meteors streak by overhead. I get to sleep around 2am, fairly early for a 2cp trip, but the long day outside wears me out in a way this long-acting phenethylamine can't overcome.
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    Thanks, very nice trip report

    Im beginning to feel more and more inclined to try this one myself. Ive had it for years, but I guess the long duration has kept me away from trying it.
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    Private lakeside beach! Now that sounds incredible! Nice trip report, sounds like the perfect set and setting for a psychedelic trip of any kind.
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    very nice report! really liked reading it
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    I love 2cp but I'm really careful not to go over the 14mg range. If I want to amp up the experience, I will add something else to the mix -- 1-2 hits of LSD about 2 hours in helps out. I have never taken 2cp in the evening and can't imagine wanting too -- although I found DOx's to be much darker in nature, the tail end of any long psychedelic experience could get a bit sketchy once the sun rises again. If I take 2cp no later than 3 I am usually coming down at the end of the night, so I don't have to soldier on into Day 2.

    Also, I only take 2cp on days when I know I am going to be super active, dancing or swimming or some plan that keeps me moving. I think that it really helps with the muscle tension that comes along with 2cp. And 2cp helps me stay on my feet. Just sitting around, I am prone to get a headache. I find I am pretty proactive on 2cp, always drawing or sketching while talking and doing a dozen other things. I'm hyperaware, maybe even hypomanic at times.

    I would only swim while tripping if you are a really good swimmer and in a really safe place. Not because you could forget how to swim, but because you could overestimate your endurance and distance from shore, or possibly panic. However, if you are a really good swimmer, I highly recommend swimming on mescaline.

    I find 2cp really clear-headed and much milder bodyload for me -- all 2c's make me sick to my stomach, but with 2cp it's just about 45 minutes of light nausea instead of really getting sick. This may be because I've never taken over 14 mg of 2cp. I don't get very sick on 14mg of 2ci or 2cb either.

    2cp is a lot like other 2c's to me, but stretched out in this really interesting way. It really seems to slow time down.
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    I've heard a few people say this is the most "mescaline like" 2C they've tried. I've been sitting on some for a while now, too scared by the reports from those who took 15+ mg. Your TR sounds like one of my mescaline days - how would you compare the two? I may have to finally give this a go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JBrandon View Post
    I've heard a few people say this is the most "mescaline like" 2C they've tried. I've been sitting on some for a while now, too scared by the reports from those who took 15+ mg. Your TR sounds like one of my mescaline days - how would you compare the two? I may have to finally give this a go.
    2c's definitely feel more mescaline-like to me in nature than out at a party or at home. I think being in the woods surrounded by all that plantlife triggers something in it.

    Mescaline is much gentler, deeper and more beautiful than 2cp. I've never found anything that felt exactly the same. My mescaline experiences have always felt more substantial and spiritual than any 2cx.

    At the same time, I think 2cp is more recreational. 2cp feels like a 2cx, although for me there is a more creative push and I find it easy to stay focused. It is more stimulating and way less nauseating than mescaline.

    2cp has one of the most interesting timelines to me. I like that the psychedelic effects last for almost the whole duration of the experience, and I love the things this drug does to time.
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    I'm just curious , with this duration, how would you compare it to bk-2c-b?
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