Thread: Pill 31/30 oxycodone white with white brown spots

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    Pill 31/30 oxycodone white with white brown spots 
    Just tried a new brand of oxys from my dealer. At first i was a lil bit nervous, but have heard a lot about these pills in my area as of late. Ive searched pill identifier and could not find them. From what i understand it is because they are produced out the country and these websites only deal with us manafactured pills. Anyways, i must say that i wish i tried them sooner. A-w-e-s-o-m-e.
    No drip at all, immediate effects and crush so easily. I would recommend people try them, youll be hooked as i am, the only damn thing is they come and go. Ooo btw they suck if your a smoker....but if you plug or snort like i do.....great.

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    We don't do pill IDs here or pill "reviews".


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