Thread: Benzodiazepines vs. Alcohol - which is more damaging to your health?

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    Benzodiazepines vs. Alcohol - which is more damaging to your health? 
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    Are there any threads or anything like (see picture below) comparing the two different drugs?

    I'm pro-benzodiazepines and anti-alocohol.

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    no one?

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    It's just a guess, but I think this may belong in the "Basic" or "Advanced Drug Discussion" forum, or however, it may simply stay here, but I doubt it. I'm sure a Moderator will get to it eventually. Just be patient

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    I didn't find any threads comparing the two, but didn't search that extensively.

    How do you want to compare them? Effects, toxicity, etc....? If so, alcohol obviously stands out due to damage to the liver, and its ability to cause cancer.

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    Alcohol is more euphoric and fun. Alcohol also affects dopamine and seratonin while benzos only affect the gaba receptors. You can use alcohol daily for a much longer amount of time than benzos without becoming physicallly dependent.

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    Alcohol is a lot more euphoric and can even by trippy. As such it has a comedown, however. Benzos are like alcohol without balls, and also without a hangover - the medical version. I've only had a few benzos that are fun - temazepam, rohypnol [the funnest, or only fun one really], and valium can be fun sometimes but not always.

    Benzos are great for anxiety however. Then again so is booze, but in a much less clean way. Booze is really more of a recreational drug, I don't consider benzos recreational [except rohypnol and other superstrong hypnotics] although they can be mixed well with other substances. that said they are mentally addicting because they provide relief from tension.

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    Thanks for the replies, I disagree strongly that alcohol is more euphoric and fun and trippy....I'll probably never get to try rohypnol sadly, I hate booze and never drink, it sucks I'd rather smoke weed, take pills, drop out of school and kill people.

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    Stick with GHB if you want extremely healthy and extremely euphoric.

    As for this thread, there are "compare these drugs" type threads that go through Other Drugs every so often. So long as they focus on the harm reduction aspect they are generally begrudgingly allowed, however the no real answer opened ended aspect can become tedious. I'll move this to OD for you but if they've had one go through recently this may be closed. It is easier to just read up on two different drugs from two different sources than to try and compare and contrast every pairing possible.

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    Alcohol is a dirty drug, esp. in high doses. Benzos are safer (after all, alcohol is toxic to the brain) but in the long-term they're both pretty dangerous.

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    While I find alcohol mildly more recreational, I don't find benzos recreational. They're NICE for sure - relax you when you need it, though the sedative effect can be too one-dimensional and result in depression; but they're not "recreational" in the sense that doing them is a fun activity in itself, like with weed or even booze sometimes. I LOVE mixing benzos with weed, just like I love mixing booze with weed; but it's the weed that's the key element, not those boring depressants. They really don't even scrape the euphoria of the big king of depressants, opiates. Also, chasing the ultimate "down" through pot, benzos and booze can very easily lead to finding the holy grail of downers [i.e. heroin, morph, dilly] and thus, ruin your pathetic drop-out serial-killing existence trust me I KNOW!

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    Alcohol is a solvent, benzos are not. The average dose is in the thousands of milligrams for alcohol and in the single to tens of milligrams for benzos. I rest my case
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    Alcohol more damaging to organs and what not but benzo's fuck your mind up if abused. Its so annoying forgetting words and not being able to string a simple sentence together sometimes. I'm forever losing things too! That aside if I was to choose being dependent on ooz or benzos i'd choose benzos as there easier on the body. Same with Opiates too.

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    Benzos have WAY more side effects, it takes WAY shorter to get some nasty rebound anxiety/withdrawals. Alcohol is definitely safer - and trust me, I don't like alcohol, but I must admit it is MUCH safer than benzos.

    In having said that, if you hit both hard, it is probably easier to overdose on alcohol. But what kind of person does that.....discusting crap.

    Please AVOID benzos as much as possible. They are the antithesis to life in my opinion (I take them rarely)

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    alcohol has many more diverse effects. it is more recreational also because of the context of its use in global culture [at dinner tables, celebrations, parties, funerals, weddings you name it]. christ gives holy wine to his lil minions etc.

    benzos are a clean anti anxiety one the same level of fun as other commonly prescribed psychiatric meds like lyrica or some strong anti-D or mild amp. it's a lightweight pharmceutical, though can be very powerful; however the doses in the pills usually precribed are very small, not the like the amount they pump into your prior to surgery. [anyone who's been thrugh that knows even the highest doses of benzos are utterly unfun and non recreational

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    Im a heavy drinker but have only seen bad side effects from the benzo's, i've had several seizures and my memory is just not what it used to be....the alcohol probably takes affect with the years although i got family members who have been alcoholics for 30 plus years and are still healthy and i know alot of people who are completely fucked from pills, old guys who can hardly speak and drool and shit....

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    ^If you get to the point of getting DT from alcohol though, you're in a bit of trouble. Even with today's medical science, around 10% of people will die from alcohol DT.

    OT, I'm not sure if it's worth it to say one is safer. One is more quickly addicting, the other is more seriously addicting; both can kill you in withdrawal and have negative effects on the body and mind. All of this should be avoided.

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    Quote Originally Posted by etnies View Post
    Thanks for the replies, I disagree strongly that alcohol is more euphoric and fun and trippy....I'll probably never get to try rohypnol sadly, I hate booze and never drink, it sucks I'd rather smoke weed, take pills, drop out of school and kill people.
    Alcholism is the most harmful of the two, although benzodiazepine dependency carries some similar risks just like ethanol withdrawal, such as seizures.

    I find benzodiazepines - specifically temazepam, midazolam, alprazolam, are more euphoric to me than ethanol. I actually find ethanol quite dysphoric.

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    I find that I can drink alcohol for long periods without any ill effects but benzos have a detrimental effect much quicker.

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    Alcohol wins by democratic vote.

    I actually much prefer benzos of the type Capt. H mentioned, but how easy are those to get prescribed? The only time I got temazepam was from a crooked Hindii doctor who operated out of his basement and who burnt the records of his last office, all apparently with no repercussions. Can you say systemic corruption?

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    The people who say alcohol is worse are simply ignorant of the effects of benzodiazepines. Benzos are much more harmful. Just visit some benzo forums, countless examples of people who have not taken benzos for years and are still suffering immensely from their ill effects. This is not the case with alcohol. Any damage done to the brain or body by alcohol can heal up much more quickly than the damage done by benzos. If you visit alcohol forums, you find many people struggling with cravings for it and struggling to stay sober but you don't find anyone who only drank for a few months and is suffering major withdrawal after a year of being sober.

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    Two different discussions going on here..

    Physiologically, alcohol is much worse on your system (assuming abusing both). Taken as prescribed or in moderation, most will have few ill effects. Alcohol is very hard on your body and organs.

    Dependency, much easier to achieve with benzos. That is probably the only negative I can think to this discussion.

    Societal implications: Which drug causes more deaths? Which drug is associated with the most violent crime? Which drug is associated with the most incarceration? Which drug is associated with the most rape? If you answered A for Alcohol you are correct!

    Benzos are a bitch to come off of, as is alcohol if you become addicted. But for physiological problems alcohol harms not only your brain in significant ways, but also your liver. As others pointed out, the mg dose of a pure chemical will have ill effect on body and brain function (unless we are talking years of chronic dependency/abuse).

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    I'd say alcohol is more dangerous to be addicted to.

    Benzos, without knowledge, are easier to OD on if you have no tolerance. Plenty of people die to alprozolam. Especially kids.

    I call alcohol the "ugly" drug.

    Number One Reason: It's a macronutrient by itself. Roughly 7kcal/g. MOST alcoholic drinks are going to be combined with some form of carbohydrate to mask the horrible alcohol taste. After a night of drinking, a person could easily consume anywhere from 700-1,800+ useless kCALs. This isn't including your drunk-munchies.

    2) People who overdose normally puke, piss, and wallow in their own filth.

    3) It is both an afrodisiac and a dissociative. People will screw people and things they normally would not.

    4) It's also said to prevent the regrowth of muscle tissue during the duration in which your body is pushing itself to filter it through your system. While your body will still rebuild itself later, it does have minor effects on muscular growth. Alcoholic addiction will eventually lead to muscular deterioration, however this is in ADDICTION cases. Not recreational binge drinking.

    Alcohol is a great drug, a hard drug and an ugly drug.

    However I do consider it to be in the top 3 best social drugs. The other two are stimulants

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    Whether your drunk or just high on xanax... your still a sloppy mess. I'm fairly young so I haven't been able to see damaging effects of alcohol in me or my friends. However I can say I've seen Xanax screw up a handful of people's lives. That being said I'm sure xanax doesn't stand for all benzodiazepines but I believe it's a far more addicting drug than ethol Alcohol.

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    ^^benzos aren't easy to OD on, if you mean by OD, dying from the effects of the drug. Sure kids may take too much black out and kill themselves accidentally, but it's not the same. It's hard to OD on benzos. Far more people die from alcohol each year. Both are terrible for you in different ways, no point in comparing them.

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    Not sure i can really answer the "which is more damaging to your health as it would depend on usage.

    What i can say it that it took me 5-6 years of alcohol use to get a really nasty habit worked up, last year I had to finally face up to the stupid amount if Whiskey I was drinking every night and have relapsed couple of times since.

    This year I started on the benzos and in combination with the alcohol things very quickly got out of hand, 100mgs + of Diaz a day plus the booze within just a few weeks.

    The shear quantity of alcohol going through your system (of you have a problem) must be causing more harm than the Benzos but in the longer term the Benzos have a much,much greater addiction potential that is so much more difficult to control....IME

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