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    Oxycontin--snort or swallow? 

    Been using opiates on/off for 2 years (mostly on, lol) and was wondering if you could advise me. Was clean for a good month, so last couple nights been getting a nod from 30mg Oxycontin snorted (3*10mg). Its the old style ones.

    Now tonight I plan to take 40mg. I really want a nice glowy euphoria, and a proper nod. What is best for this, I understand snorting gives u a bit of a "rush" but effects taper off quick, whereas swallowing them gives you longer lasting effects.

    My question is will the "longer lasting effects" be more intense. Is the BA of OXY swalled greater than that of snorted.

    I was also thinking of snorting 1*10mg and swallowing the other 3. I also plan to drink a half pint of grape fruit juice 2 hours before ingenstion of the oxy. So yeah, I really want to get fucked up tonight!

    If you could offer advice on the best way to get "fucked up" id appreciate it. FWIW, been here since Jan 2008 under the u/n jon420, just changed my password and can no longer access the account due to the email address deactivating.

    Thank you BL--and swanky new site btw admin guys
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    welcome back!

    swallowing will not be more intense.

    but it feels almost as good, and you do not risk any wear and tear on your nasal passage, sinuses, and lungs when you swallow.
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    Thanks for the HR advise, but that aside, I might as well just snort them (not a reg. snorter) for the greatest intensity.

    Anyone else? It was somewhere i read that you get better effects from swallowing them, as the BA is significantly higher.

    Also will the gfj 2hours before potentiate much???

    thank you bl
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    i always crush up my oxy into a fine dust and then swallow with a drink.

    will snorting make me feel that much greater? i plan on taking 160mg (2 x 80mg OC tabs) in one go! i have quite a large tolerance!!

    Also does removing the green coating make that much difference if i crush them up anyway?

    Thanks in advance
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    Suck off coating, crush and swallow every time here. Longer-lasting and better all round. Although I'm using the old formula.

    Snorting's more intense alright but it fades quickly and isn't worth the discomfort at all.
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    Snorting isn't more intense at all for oxycodone. If you have OxyContin just chew them up really good and swallow, or else crush really fine and swallow like others have said. But I've been doing opiates well over 8 years now, mainly Oxycodone. And I still find I get way more ripped off OXY-IR 20mg (swallowing 8-10 at a time). Then I would if I snorted 160mg+.
    I think Oxycodone kind of has a ceiling of 200mg or so. It seems like anything over 200mg will not get you any higher in fact it might just delay the high so its longer but thats about it.

    On the other hand if you have hydromorphone - always intranasal, never use orally as the B/A is quite shitty when used orally.

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    i would not reccomend snorting. I heard they are making the pills so they expand when wet and cant be smashed apart or grinded.

    Quote Originally Posted by SamhainGrim View Post

    Snorting's more intense alright but it fades quickly and isn't worth the discomfort at all.
    and that.
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    There are different formulations of the OxyContin oxycodone extended release product out now. Some are abuse-resistant (there are countless threads on BL about these, the OP OCs) and some are not abuse resistant. If the original poster has one of the non-abuse-resistant formulation pills, he shouldn't have a problem crushing it up and snorting it.
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    Honestly for me snorting seems like such a waste. I need atleast 1.5x the amount as parachuting for the same effect and then it doesnt even last as long. Parachute all the way!
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    oxy feels great orally anyway, it may take 10-15mins max to kick in, but so what i heard the oral BA is higher then sniffing oxy too,, remember u sniff something, it dont last as long as orally...go ORAL!!
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    Ive never snorted any pills until this past weekend when I snorted some Morphine just to see what the hype was all about knowing that Morphine as a low BA when snorted.. It was a quick high & more intense than when taken orally but didnt last as long. Im assuming oxycodone is the same as everyone has posted in this thread as well.
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