Thread: Theft from a motor vehicle, Reciving stolen goods, Prowling at night

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    Theft from a motor vehicle, Reciving stolen goods, Prowling at night 
    Ok, to start off i KNOW this is the wrong place to post this, and if someone can put it in the right place that would be great..

    I Am being charged with 4 counts of theft, receiving stooling goods, and prowling at night. me and a friend were stealing gps units out of unlocked cars. we stole 4 GPS units and 30 dollars in change. this is my first offense i have no criminal history. i live in PA and I'm 19 years old. Do you guys think im going to jail ?

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    You should.

    And you should also get your legal advice from a lawyer, not random people on the internet. Believe it or not, many (if not most) people here are not from the US, so would have no clue about the legal statues in whatever state it is that you're in.

    Good luck, and if I may offer a bit of advice: stop stealing things.

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    I doubt it. You are white correct?

    I would say the 4 counts of theft will get balled together and will probably only count as one, if you plead out. Probation tops.

    Get a lawyer.

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    Moving this to legal discussion.

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    No money courts tommrow 
    i got a public defender and i did these crimes because i was broke and dope sick

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    I'm sorry but Legal Discussion is now closed to new posts. There will be a FAQ up soon, but in the meantime here is the only response that's proper:

    Hire the best criminal defense lawyer you can afford. Talk to more than one if necessary and pick the lawyer you feel most comfortable with. Don't be afraid to discuss price. If you can't pay for a lawyer, ask for the public defender. Either way, do not speak to *anyone* about your case - especially not the police - until you have gotten a lawyer and met with him or her.

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