Thread: How long does xanax last?

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    How long does xanax last? 
    Yes I know the half life is 6 hours, but how long do the anti-anxiety effects last?
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    I think that the duration of anxiolytic effect will differ greatly amongst different people depending on tolerance, dosage, and just how well the drugs works for you in that respect. The half life is often stated as it is a more concrete value than level of easement of anxiety. There is also both IR (instant release) and ER (extended release) preperations of alprazolam available.

    This is a topic you should discuss with your doctor and it would be helpful to mention to us if you are planning on taking it as daily maintenance or just when needed. Remember that benzo's are rarely a good long term solution.
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    xanax lasts 4-6 hours for me. i never get really high per say, but xanax/benzos allow me to shut down my mind, if that makes sense.

    with tagamet/cimitidine, i definitely feel alprazolam for 6 hours
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    About 3-4 hours for me and I don't get any euphoria either. Now temazepam is a different story lol. I go through 15mg of xanax and 30x30mg temazepams every 2 months. I could refill every month but I'm not gonna fuck up what I have going now
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