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    DESOXYN - ROA - Rectal duration? 
    I am Rx'd Desoxyn for ADHD, but only get about 3-4 hours out of a 5mg pill. A higher oral dose does not give me a longer duration, just more 'tweakyness'. Erowid shows IV use having a longer duration than oral, and the % absorption is about the same for IV as it is for rectal so I am hoping the results would be the same too.

    Anyone with experience?
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    If you're prescribed it and it's not doing what it's supposed to, the first thing you should be doing is speaking to your doctor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Munroe View Post
    If you're prescribed it and it's not doing what it's supposed to, the first thing you should be doing is speaking to your doctor.
    Oh no, it is TOTALLY doing what it is supposed to do. (I honestly was expecting an oral dose to go 6 hours at least, but erowid says 4 is perfectly normal) I've tried everything from ritalin to concerta, adderall, dexamp, and now finally desoxyn- and it is by FAR the best, cleanest med I've been put on. Less is certainly more, like I was started out on 5mg twice a day, but I get about 4 hours tops of work out of an oral dose before my brain turns back to mush and the anxiety kicks in. My natural first move at this point would be TO talk to my Dr, but he is a School Dr, and leaves for the summer and I am left to deal with quite frankly an ignorant fuck sub who doesn't even know that welbutrin works on norepinephrine! My REAL doc started me on the beginner dose of 5mg 2x a day and bounced out of the country.

    I was looking on erowid and noticed that the IV lengths were longer than oral, and I would have assumed that IV would be stronger but shorter acting, buuut... ya, it shows the longest length of action. I will NOT touch needles though for a number of reasons. I'm comfortable with a little solution of crushed pill up the bum if it 1) won't prove corrosive and 2) will sustain the primary cognitive effects longer than an oral dose of the same size without adding to the peripheral negatives like pounding heart which give me anxiety n such...

    ~To add a little background, my 'summer sub doc' instantly cut my 4mg of Kpin down to 3mg a day because 'he doesn't give out 2mg pills'. I already had concerns about getting through a whole work day at the top of my game (hence, asking for 3 5mg doses a day) but after walking into the shit storm of him cutting my kpins on top of shitting all over my explanation of why I thought desoxyn was Rx'd to me in the long run probably because Meth is half as active on norepinef as dexamp is, and other drugs like welbutrin showed promise but I had to stop because of the peripheral side effects... -> I was trying to say that I think the norepinef is what adds most to my anxiety given the results I felt on welbutrin, and the difference between dexamp and methamp.. but all he did was treat me like a fool and almost get angry that I was claiming welbutrin had anything to do with norep...... anyway, I'm stuck dealing with an asshole, and now I'm curious about putting my meds up mine =p

    I know I am looking for needles in a big blue hay stack here, but has anyone who has been Rx'd Desoxyn for ADHD ever compared oral to rectal administration? I've read conflicting reports of it rectally lasting longer, shorter, causing no crash, a bigger crash.. but also most of those reports are from street meth users too, I'm specifically looking for non-recreational users input, most of all those who have worked with RX pills, not street grade shards.

    Hope that clears things up a bit.

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    duration is about the same minus the 1 hour comeup, it is a little stronger than oral

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    would you say the same is true for crystal methamphetamine? or are you lowering the bioavailability due to binders?

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    the MG dose in them tablets is too low and in addition the tablets are too big to be IVing to get true rush effect that street meth provides...

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    Thanks *Nuke, I gave it a go, definitely stronger, and I'd say smoother come down as well, seemed to go longer in the respect I didn't hit a wall at the end, it slowly wore off when normally I hit a point where I'm slow and anxious pretty much all at once.

    And *Opiatekrzy, I was never planning on injecting, I've got a sick needle phobia lol I only mentioned it because that was the only numbers I had to go with and thought rectal would be similar.

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    Crystal methamphetamine lasts a LOT longer than Desoxyn. Erowid is referring to the duration of Crystal meth, not pharmaceutical methamphetamine. I don't know what it is about meth in crystal form that makes it last so much longer. My only assumption is that its due to the chemicals used to produce street methamphetamine. Just an assumption. IV'ing Desoxyn would only last about 2-3 hours.

    Your only on 10mg a day? Wow. When I was prescribed it I was on 15mg x3 a day. I agree that it is by far the most effective available ADD medication and I've been on all of them.

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    well I was just put on it and that was the starting dose, now my doc is out of town for the summer and the sub-doc... yeah I'm not sure about asking him to do anything.

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    well you tried it and seem happy with the results. glad to hear it.

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