Thread: Overdose/Allergic Reaction/Heart attack/Heart problem from Spice??

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    Overdose/Allergic Reaction/Heart attack/Heart problem from Spice?? 
    Okay so last earlly August of 2010, I was smoking Spice since I couldnt get any bud in my area, and me being a kid I was bored of course. I think the brand was something like Triple X or Triple XXX, Blueberry flavour, and it was kinda weird but so similar to bud. I was smoking one day in my bathroom, put a little bit of cig tobacco in the bowl to "spice" things up a bit(ha), and come 20 minutes later(and guess what, people have said and i have noticed this, unlike cannabis which hits you almost full force instantly, jwh's and shit take a while to hit you especially with the peak of the high), my heart started beating REALLY hard for no reason, so I sat down in my lazboy and got some water, and tried to calm down, because I might have gotten too high before and gotten really paranoid but I knew it would pass eventually, although it was super uncomfortable. But this was different, and this was so fucking scary. I felt really faint, I felt like i was going to fucking D-I-E, I got up and walked as fast as I could to my parents room, woke up my father and told him what happened, of course they didnt take me seriously and just told me to sit down and chill out, thinking it was an hallucinogen lol....and I was having a bad trip....but I knew this was an RC, and it definately felt like a heart attack or something, I dont know. My heart was beating SO hard, it felt like it was going to pop through my rib cage, it hurt. It felt like there were little holes in it, and like it was bleeding. It was beating sooo fast and possibly irregularly at points. I told them to call the ambulance of course, but they never did. so after like hours and hours, probably 4 AT LEAST, maybe 6 or so, but when my heart finally kinda chilled down a bit for one, and it was probably kinda sudden, probably like the jwh/spice wore off....but my heart was sore/hurting. But yeah I went back to my room, tried to sleep, couldnt for a few more hours.....and then my heart was sore for 3 or so days after.

    I now have panic attacks and anxiety, and I especially cant smoke practically ANY amount of cannabis anymore, because Ill freak the fuck out, which makes me think I have PTSD, like, revisiting/flashbacking to the heart attack/od night, you know? It fucking sucks.
    I feel like I might just be scared, that I damaged my heart, or something.

    They were so bad, I got prescribed xanax, but of course I abused them, but I have touched a single pill in 2-3 weeks at least.
    I quit smoking cigs, I still do them once in a while, a day or two binge, but then will quite for a couple weeks or so ha.
    BUT the thing is, I started shrooming after this, and never had a panic attack on that, except maybe twice out of the 10 or so times, but the one for sure time it was probably because I took waaayyyy too much lol like 4+ grams of some good shit, and I never tripped out the whole time, maybe at the most half or a quarter of the trip, but yeah its weird because shrooms you actually trip but with bud you dont....i guess it was in my mind, and like I said possible PTSD with the one night....
    And I have been good with K unless a few times there were kinda high doses, but I havent felt like freaking out until recentally when I got cut off the xanax, but I had been taking shitsloads every couple of weeks lol which is why I quit....

    someone please help me out, what happened? I had been smoking chronic bud for a couple years quite frequently, and after it went dry and I got the spice, I had smoked it like at least 10-20 times or something before this happened. It was the fattest bowl of spice I had, but it was from the same bottle as always and it couldnt have been more than half a gram or even a gram TOPS! and I know the tobacco wasnt a good idea but it wasnt that much, and it shouldve wore off pretty quick right, no longer then 10 minutes??
    So what the hell! someone please tell me what couldve went wrong with my body and everything....I couldnt find anything on the net about a similar problem.

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    Whatever it is, you overdosed on Spice. I'm not sure that there is any wealth of information on the short or long-term effects of smoking Spice. What you describe happens to a lot of people with weed...they smoke too much (or sometimes smoke a normal amount) and have a really bad "trip" if you want to call it that...and for weeks after this they freak out every time they smoke. In my opinion, this is a very mental thing that also manifests itself in physical symptoms. Take a good break from smoking bud and definitely stay far away from the Spice, and hopefully you will be able to smoke bud again no problem. I doubt you did any permanent damage to your heart, but because no one really knows the effects of this spice stuff (and how it mixes it with weed or doing it after having done hallucinogens before), I'd stay away from it for good. Your body is telling you not to do it and to take a break.

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    What spaceyourbass says is correct. The exact same thing happened to me. I could not smoke weed at all without getting freaked out for the longest time. Eventually I was able to get it under control for the most part...but occassionally I would freak out again and the cycle would begin once again. I have decided to stay away from weed for good now.

    At the very least, you should take an extended break from it.

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    but space, what about the general anxiety, panic attacks, and increased heart rate and me worrying about my heart in general?
    of course I havent smoked spice since that incident lol, im not a crack fiend guys.
    i have been avoiding bud too because who the fuck wants to trip out right hah, but not completely.
    if im on a decent dose of xanax there isnt a problem, but it usually has to be at least even a little bit higher than what would kill a normal sober panic attack....
    shits so fucking weird.

    i miss my normal body....ive been too scared to roll since the OD(or w/e), and have been avoiding all stimulants, except maybe a few RC's like 2c-e once and 5dalt....but those I would concern more as hallucinogens and what not anyways....

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    Your concern about your heart is just fuelling the panic attacks. if you are actually properly concerned about your heart you should get a dr to check it out, but there's almost certainly nothing wrong.

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    #6 going to try, my parents are assholes though lol.
    i dont know man, RC's seem pretty fucked up, and couldnt you damage your heart from a bad enough panic attack?
    it was just so intense, and not to mention my heart hurt so bad, i dont see how i couldnt have.
    fucking spice.

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    You cannot damage your heart with one panic attack. If you have bad anxiety and panic attacks regularly I'm sure it can affect you cardiovascular health, but a single episode, no.

    A panic attack can make you believe you have a heart rate of 250 or even higher, it has happened to me too on 20 mg of JWH-018. Your heart if fine, if you are really anxious even when abstaining from cannabinoids you could see a doctor about that.

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    i always had a general idea like that in my head but its near impossible to believe it when you actually live it, on the daily. you know?
    im sick of this shit so i am definately going to goto the doctos for peace of mind, fuck the bills lol.

    thank you for all your help....i all update this with the results.....
    spice still scares me about this though.

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    also don't be an idiot and abuse the anti-anxiety meds you get given, if you get given any.

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    Yea I had the exact same reaction. The good news is there is hope and many users who have dealt with the same pain have recovered to 110% and resumed smoking cannabis with no side effects whatsoever! The bad news is, it is all in your head! That means you and you only can solve it and no one else. You need to overcome it and fight it! The more you panic and allow the anxiety to take control the worser and more prolonged it gets. It usually takes a year to heal from this but you need to overcome it yourself. The reason why you are suffering is because you THINK you did DAMAGE when you probably haven't done DAMAGE. It's a vicious cycle and it manifests itself deep in your sub conciousness and will haunt you until you FACE it FACE to FACE! Don't run away from it. Let it come to you and beg for it to do it's worst. The only way to come out the victor is to accept it. DON'T DO ANY CANNABIS AND AVOID SPICE DURING THE RECOVERY SESSION! I can't stress that enough! The reason why it takes longer to recover is because you will relapse into smoking and it only heightens paranoia and anxiety. I have faith in you and your recovery because I know people that have had the same problem (thinking that their heart is practically damaged and their whole life is pointless now) but they have recovered and are leading they're normal lives that they had before this anxiogenic drug entered they're lives.

    Also thumbs up for visting the doctor!
    I had to do the same thing to assure myself that I didn't damage it.
    Also be honest with the Doc and tell him/her exactly what happened don't just say " It came out of nowhere!" be honest about your spice use.
    Please keep us posted and informed

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    it sounds like an overdose

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    It's an overdose and it's really common. However, all we can do is speculate, so please see a doctor if you have medical concerns. Otherwise, the symptoms should abate with time.
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