Thread: meth and menstruation (sorry males)

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    meth and menstruation (sorry males) 
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    I didn't see anything in the search but I might be using the wrong term. Mods please help me.

    Do the ladies here that use meth have it affect their periods? If you use meth somewhat carefully... a few lines a day maybe. In California, a 20 sac lasts me a few days. I don't know how other much other women use so I don't know who can answer this.

    What I'm looking for is experiences, especially for the women here over 30 and specifically if any women here are over 50. I might be the only one that old, I dunno.

    Do you find that meth affects your menstrual cycle? Can you tell me specifics? Please send to my inbox or email [email protected] since the nature of your answer might be unappealing to the men here.

    I want to know if it stops you, or almost causes you to seriously bleed to death, or if you don't even notice. Or anything else pertinent to having your feminine parts affected by the meth.
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    Okay OP,

    I'm going to try this in OD for now but HL is another option if we get to far off the topic of the actual drugs.

    Homeless >>> OD
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