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    Fake UCB 910 Hydro? 
    Got some of these somewhere. They remind me of an improved version of the Watson 540's that went around a few years back. I took 3, felt nothing. I haven't seen any reports of these yet, but I have a good feeling they came from pakistan where all the other fake pills come from. They have the correct taste, but are VERY hard, took all I had to break one in half. I could see crystals on the face of the broken halves. The stamps aren't quite correct, and they are very pink, more pink than most of the pictures I see online. I think they are just pressed tylenol or something. Anyone here had any experience with these?

    Edit: I looked at all the pictures of these I could find. The ones I have, the 1 in 910 is a point at the top like the font used here, where the correct ones are more like an l. They are partially divided, but just don't look right from the beginning, but now I can pick out what is wrong. Watch out for these, they aren't real. Hopefully they won't be all over the place like the 540's were, because they are much better looking than the 540's but still not quite right, and totally fake
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