Thread: Opiates and their effect on the kidneys

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    Opiates and their effect on the kidneys 
    I notice that most opiates are excreted renally, does this mean that there is a lot of strain put on your kidneys by using opiates?

    I have two questions:

    1) If a healthy person indulged in large doses of opiates each day, would this have an adverse affect on their kidneys?

    2) If a person (or animal) was in pain due to kidney failure, would opiates be used to treat them for the pain, or would this cause unnecesarry strain on the kidneys? If opiates weren't used, what would be used for pain relief for someone suffering from kidney failure, if anything?
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    Lots of things are excreted renally, including metabolic byproducts and many drug metabolites. There is no reason to believe that most opiates do any significant damage to kidneys. Do you think all that food that passes through your intestine does a lot of damage?

    1. Probably not a direct effect. Secondary horomone disruptions could cause water retention etc but ... that's the price you pay, and it isn't kidney damage.
    2. Lower doses of opiates, or NSAIDs. The loss of kidney function just means the drug will not be excreted as quickly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sekio View Post
    Do you think all that food that passes through your intestine does a lot of damage?
    Haha, I didn't think about it like that.

    Thanks for your answer.
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    Nah, the only thing that fucked my kidneys was when I was fifteen and dumb taking so many hydro's without doing CWE..... The apap caused my liver to be somewhat damaged but luckily it repaired itself.
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