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    4-FA inhalation 
    Have read the threads with conflicting opinions, can anyone tell me if 4-FA is viable for inhalation? If it is, would 4-FA be more like crystal meth-smokeable in its crystal form or would it need to be reduced to a base like coke? I am aware of the synthesis rules - this is more a "is it feasable" inquiry.
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    I dont think this will work out, 4-fa needs way bigger ammounts also when sniffed or oral (~200mg vs ~40mg) then meth so the ammount that you need to smoke would also be very big you may have better chances with 4-fma.

    In which form it is better I dont know, base has lower boiling boint so should work better but this is all OT anyway
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    just wrap it in a rizla and eat it it, i would hate to think what that would do to your lungs.
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    I would strongly recommend against insufflation as it has caused a friend of mine to have long episodes of vomiting and a horrible headaches. Not tried smoking it myself but can not imagine it to be a good experience, although I would recommend you check the megathread in Other Drugs
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    Hi Seatalle Flyer,

    There is no need to cross post the same question around the site as it creates concurrent conversations which are quite confusing. I've merged all your threads and post here for you so it can all be contained (redirects were left directing people here as well).

    In light of your post in the 4-fluoromethamphetamine thread in ADD I think it is prudent to also mention that 4-FA stands for 4-fluoroamphetamine which is a different substance (lacking the methyl group).
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