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    (B2/1Gram) First experience - One of my new favoruite chemicals 
    Before posting my full report I decided to do two experiments using different methods and dosages. After my first experiment, I knew B2 had potential so I wanted to give it another go but I wanted to change a few things first. I felt like I had missed out some of the effects after reading about what other people had experienced.

    Experiment one: 1gram crystal version. Split up into 4 parts. 250mg each. Each part taken with warm water.
    Experiment two: 2gram crystal version. Split into 9 parts. 1x400mg, 4x250mg, 2x200mg and 2x100mg. Each part taken with warm

    Since getting into the legal highs scene I would often hear people mention a product called B2. This use to baffle me because I never knew what it was and I was one of the unlucky ones who never got to try it. People use to tell me how great B2 was and how they wish it returned. They said JGG was the closest thing to it but never quite as good. Now B2 has finally returned and I, like many others have tried it out. I took a break from the legal high scene and the forums for around 2 weeks due to being away so I had no idea B2 has made a big return. I come back to private messages and a 40 page thread with people saving great things about it. I knew I had to try it so I did a little bit of reading in the thread which brought me to a new website. At first appearances, the website is nothing special and I must admit I was a little sceptical. Worries aside, I go ahead and continue reading the thread for recommended dosages and methods of consumption. Now this is where I struggled to get a definite answer. Some people would recommend snorting when others would recommend taking it with warm water. Some would recommend 150mg initial doses and others 300mg. At the end of the day I guess it is all down to tolerance levels and how the person responds to it.

    Experiment One:
    Before I go into the trip report, I would just like to state my brief history so people can compare tolerance levels to mine. I have only experienced with JGG once and never experienced with B2. The week before experimenting with B2, I experimented with a few Purple Bombs. Then before this I didn’t have any chemicals for 2 weeks. So my tolerance levels are quite low.

    9.37am – Turns out I was one of the lucky ones to receive the crystal version. It looks like glass/ice shards. I break it up and split it into 4 parts of 250mg each. It turns to a white powder that sparkles. I decide to start off with 250mg and put it in a small amount of warm water based on what I have read because this seemed like a good starting dose.

    9.54am – Already feeling the effects slightly after 17 minutes. Never usually feel things this fast, only from snorting. Eyes feel wide open and I feel clear headed.

    10.00am – Somehow after 23 minutes I want to dance. This is quite unusual for something to be effecting me this much after this amount of time. When I checked the time to write up this note, I was surprised at how fast the time went by.

    10.08am – Dancing in my room a bit now. I feel fast and the music sounds amazing. I want to keep turning it up louder and louder. Still not dancing as much as I would be on other chemicals.

    10.22am – I switch between dancing and playing games, while talking to people at the same time. I can’t decide which to do. I want to do all of them at once but it’s just not possible. Talking to friends and people I have never met before is great but I feel like I should be dancing instead.

    10.32am – I noticed it’s slightly harder to walk than usual. I am getting more euphoria now. The euphoria seemed to have come quite late or maybe I am just noticing it a lot more now. But then again, it hasn’t even been an hour yet. Time is flying by.

    10.51am – For some reason, I don’t want to dance anymore. It still feels really good, but not as good as it did. I have gone from dancing/talking to now fully playing my games online and socializing. I decide to take another 250mg in warm water to increase the effects further.

    11.15am – I still feel really good, slightly better than at 10.51am but still not as good as the start. It appears my second dose has just extended the good feeling, not added to it.

    11.40am – Feeling really confident and like I am far superior than everybody else. I can do anything and accomplish anything. I start giving people tips on my online games because I feel like, “it’s my way, or no way”.

    12.05am – Starting to feel less again. It’s been 1 hour 15 min since min since my last dose. I have a strong urge to dose again because I really don’t want to lose the effects. I decide to hold off on dosing at this time to wait to see what happens. It might just be temporary.

    12.30am – Still felt the same as 12.05am so I add my third dose of 250mg in warm water while playing my game.

    1.11pm - Now when I look back, I think I messed up here. I looked at the time again and it was 1.11pm. I looked at my glass and there was still a bit of water left at the bottom. It appeared I had not drunk it all. I only filled the glass up with about 200ml of water, but because I was playing a game at the same time I got very distracted and forgot about drinking it. I am thinking this might have caused me to feel slightly less effects overall compared to others who downed it within a minute.

    1.22pm – It feels like it’s harder to focus on things that I am not too interested in. I am getting distracted easily if something is boring me. I am able to stay focused on my game because I am enjoying it. But anything else I don’t really care about.

    2.11pm - Not feeling as much as before, that might be because of how I did my last dose and because it’s been quite a long time. I decide to take my last dose and do it properly this time. I put 250mg in water and down it straight away.

    2.20pm - I still want to talk to people and socialize but there is less euphoria now. It’s slightly harder to read things and now and again my head gets a spinning feeling.

    3.30pm – Nothing much to report in the last hour. Still doing the same as before. Talking a lot and playing games. I am still waiting for my last dose to kick in and to get me back to where I was before but it doesn’t happen. I am wondering why and getting slightly annoyed about it. I realise I have no more left to take so I try to forget about it.

    5.15pm – 2 more hours pass. I am definitely feeling a lot less now. I still feel like I have a little more energy and am typing much faster. Playing games and talking to people still feels good which surprises me considering how long it’s been.

    6.27pm – Ok now I am starting to get angry feelings of wanting more and more. I know I don’t have any so I try to keep busy and not think about it.

    7.13pm – I knew by now, this is my comedown. I started to think about how bad it might be and think back to horror stories I have read about people having 3 day comedowns from other chemicals. I turn my music down and put on some chilled music to keep me relaxed.

    7.51pm – Thinking about certain things seems to depress me and puts me in a bad frame of mind. It’s strange because when I take 6-APB, I don’t usually get feelings like this. 6-APB comedown seems to be non-existent.

    8.15pm – At this point, I am not even bothered about what music I have on. I am not bothered about playing my games because they bore me and time is going really slow. I feel empty and incomplete. I am constantly thinking about the next time I am going to do B2 and the next time I am going to go clubbing. I feel like I need to do something, but there is nothing I want to do.

    9.16pm – Still just sitting on my chair, playing with my browser and going from tab to tab trying to keep busy. Talking to people still but much less than before. Not really too bothered about talking to anybody now.

    10.22pm – Well I don’t know what happened, but the bad feelings have gone. I start to feel complete and more relaxed. This is a big relief to me. The feeling of emptiness seemed to have lasted around 3 hours was slowly subsiding.

    11pm – Now I feel quite tired, not like before. Before I felt tired but I still wanted to stay up and do things. Now it’s the opposite. I feel tired and want to go to bed.

    1am – I have no idea what I did for the past 2 hours but I decide to go to sleep. I fall asleep within an hour.

    9am – I wake up ready for a new day. No feelings of depression or emptiness. I don’t feel too tired and look back on the day and am very satisfied.

    Summary of experiment one
    Overall the whole experience was very good and I really enjoyed it. I felt happy and relaxed throughout the day. I started to feel the effects really fast considering I took it with water which really surprised me. Usually when I take things orally, it will take much longer for me to notice the effects. After the first initial dose it felt amazing and I was praying for it to last like that all day but sadly it didn’t. Even with the three more doses during the day, I could never get to the same point. This wasn’t much of an issue though because I was still enjoying it. I felt really sociable and couldn’t stop talking. It felt as if I was superior and better than everybody else and I was filled with confidence. There was a lot of euphoria but not as much as I get with 6-APB. It felt like a different type of euphoria. It felt clean and I was very clear headed. After each time I redosed, it seemed to only extend the good feeling, not add anything to it which was a shame. I didn’t do or say anything I regret which surprised me because I am usually doing stupid things on other chemicals. During the end of the day there was a definite comedown. Much more noticeable compared to other chemicals I have taken. I felt a little depressed and empty. I started to think about my life and all the things I want to change in it and felt like there was nothing I could do about it. I was trying to keep busy to take my mind off it and kept thinking about the next time I will be on chemicals. I even double checked my room to make sure I had not misplaced any. The bad thing about B2 is that it makes you want to do more and more, even when you know you can’t. It appears you need to have a lot of self control so things don’t turn nasty. I know if I had another gram there it would have been gone in that day.

    Experiment two:

    9.47am – I take a 400mg dose in warm water. The reason for this is because I had read a lot of evidence that suggests the initial dose is very important.

    10.01am – The comeup is really fast just like in experiment one but this time much stronger. It feels like I just want to get off my seat and dance but it still hasn’t given me the rave feeling.

    10.05am – I am starting to get very small rushes which I did not get in experiment one. This is probably due to the increased dose. It feels amazing and I am incredibly horny. Unfortunately no way near the level of rushes I would get from 6-APB.

    10.36am – I am sitting on the edge of my seat and I feel really speedy. It is still just as strong as before and just hoping it won’t end soon. I decide to play some games but it slightly hard to concentrate on them because I am getting mad eye wobbles when trying to focus on something.

    11.00am – The effects are slightly less than before and the small rushes have ended. I don’t think about redosing though because there is still a ton of euphoria and I am having an amazing time playing games and talking to people.

    11.54am – Been playing games the last hour and it feels like they are a completely new game. I feel like I can take on anything and do anything. I am full of confidence just was I was in experiment one, but this time it has been magnified. I feel far more important than anybody else and everybody should listen to what I have to say.

    12.13pm – The effects are slightly less again now but it lasted a good 2.30 hours from 400mg. I take another 250mg to hopefully get back to where I was.

    12.34pm – Still talking loads more than I normally would. I know I am probably being really annoying but for some reason I just don’t care and continue to spam and message people. I know I should stop but my fingers don’t physically let me.

    12.54pm – The eye wobbles are much less now. It doesn’t feel as strong as before but I still feel really fast and speedy which makes me think I have an advantage in playing games. This is the only chemical that actually improves my performance in games.

    1.22pm – I am starting to think about redosing even though it’s only been an hour since my last dose. I am slightly disappointed by this considering my first dose lasted so long. I was expecting it to last a little longer but with weaker effects. I try to put it off for as long as I can.

    1.45pm – Now I am keep getting rushes of bad feelings and start regretting the things I have done and said. This also happened in experiment one. I know I need to redoes or these feelings won’t go away.

    2.00pm – The need for dosing has taken over me now. I know I have some here so I figure I might as well take some more. I take another 250mg in warm water.

    2.15pm – I feel myself coming up again and start talking again. The euphoria is back and I am very happy. I kept why I was even feeling so bad 15 minutes ago.

    2.30pm – Feels quite amazing again but still nothing like the first time. The comeup took slightly longer from this dose but that isn’t much of an issue. I get back to doing what I was doing, playing games and talking.

    3.16pm – It’s been 1 hour 16 min since my last dose and the time has flown by. It felt like I redosed 10 minutes ago. I am getting some more bad feelings again like I did before so I decide to wait to see if they go away.

    3.36pm – I am feeling no better than I did before so I take another 250mg in warm water. I keep wishing it will last longer but sadly it doesn’t.

    3.50pm – The bad feelings have gone but this time the comeup wasn’t as strong. I am on my fourth dose totalling 1150mg. It seems like the comeup gets less and less each time.

    4.22pm – After a slightly disappointing hour I decide to take another 250mg. I know I should probably take more at once but I keep on worrying about the supply running out. I am trying to make it last as long as I can.

    5.06pm – It’s only been around 55 minutes and I feel a need to redoes again. Each dose is getting less and less stronger. I am not necessarily feeling bad at this point, just more disappointed because I cannot get to the stage I was at. I wait to see what happens, maybe it was a delayed reaction.

    5.20pm – Nothing had gotten much better so I look at my supply and see its running low. I decide to take 200mg instead of 250mg this time. This is my sixth dose totalling 1600mg.

    6.14pm – The last hour just wasn’t the same as it was on the other doses. I still feel good and happy but to a much lesser degree. I decide to try and eat some food but I physically can’t eat it even though I haven’t had anything all day. It’s time for another dose so I take another 200mg.

    6.37pm – Felt a very small comeup this time which excited me. I knew my day wasn’t over yet and there is still more fun to be had. Even though it didn’t last long, it felt great.

    7.34pm – Been approximately one hour since my last dose. I haven’t even been keeping track of time, it just happens to be an hour in between each dose. I take my eighth dose but this time I take 100mg for reasons that I will explain later.

    8.00pm – It feels nice, nothing too strong and no bad feelings. I am feeling very tired and just want to relax and chill out now. I know the day is coming to an end but for some reason, I don’t mind because it has been one amazing day.

    8.37pm – I take the last 100mg. It doesn’t really bother me because I want to go to bed soon anyway. However if I had more I would probably end up taking it.

    9.05pm – The last 100mg didn’t really do much but in a way I am glad. There are no bad feelings and no regrets. The day has come to a nice soft end unlike what happened in experiment one.

    9.47pm – Still talking slightly but not saying much. Still playing games but I am getting very bored of them. I feel slightly drained but I still don’t feel sad or angry like I did in experiment one.

    11.00pm – All the euphoria has gone and whatever good effects that were left are also gone. From this point on I am not exactly sure what happened because I couldn’t be bothered writing any notes. At some point I decided to put my head on my desk and I drifted asleep in my chair. It was probably at around 1am I decide to go into bed and sleep.

    Summary of experiment two
    The day I had was absolutely amazing and like no other experience I have had before. It felt so strong at the start of the day and I was even getting small rushes. I just wish these rushes would have lasted longer. After taking each dose I would notice the feeling would never get to where it was at the start of the day. I was doing doses within approximately 1 hour of each other. If I didn’t take a dose, I would start getting bad feelings which would make me angry and start regretting everything I had done. These feelings were horrible so I had to redoes just to get rid of them. After each dose I took, the comeup didn’t feel as strong as the first but it was still there. It would still get me to a point of feeling really happy and very talkative. The main thing I liked about this experiment was the confidence it gave me. I felt like I was the most important person in the world and everybody should listen to me. It felt like I could tackle any problem and find a solution to anything. I kept on telling people how good I was at certain things. I knew at the time I was probably being really annoying but I just didn’t care. During the end of the day I started to get very tired and started to reduce my doses. There was no real comedown this time and no emptiness feeling which I was really happy about. I went to sleep fine at the end of the day.

    Was experiment one or experiment two more successful?
    I did enjoy both experiments but I would say experiment two was more successful but I guess that is to be expected considering the higher initial dose and double the amount. I did expect to feel a lot more considering I did two grams though. It honestly didn’t feel like I had 2 grams during that day and it felt like some of it went to waste. The durations of both experiments were approximately the same so maybe it is down to a quality issue. I will say this, the B2 I had in experiment two did look slightly different to what I had in experiment one. There was much less crystals and it wasn’t as clear as the gram I had in experiment one. I did double check to make sure I was sent the crystal version and not the milled version.

    How addictive is it
    The thing that worries me about B2 is how addictive it can be in the wrong hands. After my first experiment I found myself thinking about the next time I will be doing it. This happened all week and it got to a point where I was so excited that I had trouble sleeping. B2 seems to be a different type of addiction compared to things like 6-APB. With 6-APB I don’t mind myself thinking about it or wishing I had some. I think a lot of this comes down to the person and how strong minded they are. However as the days went by, I felt less of a need to have some. It appears the next three days after a B2 session is when you get the cravings, after that they slowly fade away. After my second experiment, the cravings were much less than the first and I think I have learned to control it a little more now. This is something I won’t be doing more than once a week.

    Will the quality stay the same?
    As we have seen with other chemicals such as 6-APB, the quality doesn’t stay the same. Now we can all hope and wish that the quality of B2 will remain the same in each batch. I really hope this is the case but there has only been one batch so far so only time will tell. I have already noticed a small difference in quality with the crystal version but this could be down to an unlucky gram. I know there were some quality issues with the milled version at the start but I believe they have fixed these issues and are now only shipping the crystal version.

    Had bad is the comedown?
    In my second experiment I mentioned that I took 100mg towards the end. Now I can tell you the reason. During experiment one I had quite a bad comedown for a few hours, I felt depressed, sad, empty and angry. I kept thinking about all the bad things in my life which made it even worse. I knew for next time, I really did not want to get this feeling again and there had to be something to stop it. In experiment two I decided to make my dose smaller each time. I started with 400mg, then I moved onto a few doses of 250mg, then 200mg and then finally I did two doses of 100mg. This worked like a treat. Instead of getting a crash, what I got was a nice gentle end to the day. It seems like by reducing your dose each time you are not hit with any bad comedown at the end of the day. I recommend this method to anybody if they don’t already do it.

    Has B2 been over hyped?
    After my first experiment I was thinking about why everybody was raving so much about it and I was slightly disappointed. I later realised this was probably because of the way I dosed so I knew I had to give it another go before reporting on it. After my second experiment, I took back what I said. I don’t think B2 has been over hyped, it just requires you to get the right amounts and to take it at the right times.

    What are the days like after a session?
    The days after a B2 session aren’t too bad. The main noticeable effect is you feel a little tired and drained. You don’t want to do much and just think about having more. Maybe this is just me though because I am quite new to these types of chemicals. Around three days after a session it starts to get better and your mind returns to a normal state. I think over time this will improve again because you are getting more use to it. This shouldn’t put anybody off doing it though because it is still worth it.

    How important is the Initial dose?
    The initial dose is very important. I discovered this by testing different methods in my experiments. The initial dose is what will set you up for the whole day. For example if you start with 250mg and then take 400mg a few hours later, it really will not feel like you had just taken 400mg. It seems like whatever your first initial dose is, you won’t ever get above that. So if you start off with for example 400mg and then take another 250mg a few hours later, it should get you to a very nice place again. Of course this could be different from person to person but this is what I have experienced. I recommend to anybody taking it to make sure their initial dose is quite high. I am not quite sure why it works like this because this doesn’t seem to be the case with other chemicals for me.

    What are the differences between 6-APB and B2?

    I am a 6-APB lover and always have been. It’s been my favourite chemical since it was released. After experimenting with B2 I would have to say they are both now in first place but for very different reasons. The effects are very different. 6-APB is what I consider my rave chemical, I will use this on a night out to dance and party. It makes me love everybody and have a need to look at lights and have music blasting in my ears. For this reason, I find using 6-APB very disappointing at home because you really need a club environment for something like 6-APB. Now with B2, it doesn’t give any of the effects I described above which makes it perfect for home use. With B2 I can enjoy whatever I do at home, playing games and talking to people will keep be occupied for 8+ hours on a gram of B2. There is something about B2 that just makes the day go really fast and makes talking to people great. Long story short, my favourite chemical for a clubbing/rave environment is 6-APB, my favourite chemical for a home/social environment is B2.

    Is 1g enough per experiment?
    The problem with B2 is the duration. It seems like you really need to have a high dose for it to last a long time. When I took 400mg in experiment two for the first dose it lasted a good 2.30 hours but the doses after that only lasted around 1 hour with 200mg doses. So for 1g I think you are looking to get around 6-8 hours of fun. Now I know most people probably do doses greater than 200mg which is why 1gram might not be enough. Personally I would probably want to use more than 1gram when I experiment again. This is because in experiment two I used 2grams so I think anything less than this would be a disappointment for me now. For anybody new to trying it I would only recommend 1gram to see how you get on.

    Is it worth buying?
    This is definitely something worth buying and I am really glad I tried it. I didn’t think I would find anything as good as 6-APB but I have. The good thing about it is that it is much cheaper although it doesn’t last as long. I know the chemicals are very different but I think anybody that likes MDAI, 6-APB, 5-APB and MPA will love B2.

    You expect me to read that wall of text?
    I am just going to make a quick summary for new users thinking about trying B2 because I don’t expect many people to read all of that:
    • Start with 1gram and make sure your initial dose is between 300-400mg
    • Reduce your dose throughout the day and try to finish on 100mg to reduce the comedown
    • Do it at home or in a social environment, it doesn’t have the dance feeling to it like with 6-APB
    • Prepare yourself for a little comedown of feeling slightly depressed/sad/angry and don’t be expecting an afterglow like on AMT
    • You will be talking a lot so make sure you have people there or online. There will also be a lot of euphoria and maybe even some rushes
    • You are going to be feeling really fast and speedy so make sure you have something to do
    • It is going to make you super confident like you can tackle any problem and do anything
    • B2 will make you do more and more per session so try not to buy any more than you actually plan on using for that session
    • You won’t be sleeping for 8+ hours so make sure you have plenty of time
    • Taking it with warm water is the most effective way because it gives a longer duration and personally I found it quite uncomfortable to snort
    • Have a strong mind and have fun!

    I may update this thread to include a quick summary of future batches. I personally look forward to my next experiment so I don’t have to take any notes!

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    What's the chemical name of B2? Too many branded RCs out these days...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeighborhoodThreat View Post
    What's the chemical name of B2? Too many branded RCs out these days...
    The chemical name is unknown as of this time. I suspect the thread will be locked because of this? It may be worth keeping it open to see if others can suss it out. I am guessing B2 contains a cathinone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeighborhoodThreat View Post
    Did the vendor not provide you with a chemical name?
    This is the only information I can get from the vendor:

    Propylhexedrine analogue (3,4-methdioxy variant) "

    They wont release any more information beyond that. I am guessing it is so other vendors cannot copy it.

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    I imagine the thread will be closed. There's no harm reduction value in providing information on a brand named chemical that any vendor could copy the name of, and I personally don't trust any source that doesn't tell you what chemical you're going to be putting into your body.

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    Sorry if the chemical does not have a name yet I can't allow this one to stay open. It is a great report and as soon as we have solid information on what this one is I will re-open it for you with the proper name.

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