Thread: Simple, easy to make/obtain psychedelics?

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    Simple, easy to make/obtain psychedelics? 
    Ideally I'd make DMT, but the process is a tad daunting.
    Is there anything easy to obtain?

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    I'm not sure how intense you want the psychedelic to be but you could try looking into LSA or maybe an RC, but be careful with the RC's.

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    I was going to only edit your post to put a disclaimer in that it is not meant to be solicitation for drugs or sources of drugs and neither synthesis discussion but all that remains is the equivalent of "what should I make?", and we don't give suggestions like that as a rule.

    Sorry. Some threads walk a really fine line, yours is just on it but can only head on over it... if that makes any sense.

    Anyway extracting DMT is doable, you have to put in some effort if you want something. Shit doesn't wait for you on your doorstep, you at least have to look and order (I meant figuratively though).

    Please go do some research, browse erowid to start with and see if something comes up that sounds like it could answer your question. Then you can search for threads here (use the advanced search function, just a piece of advice!) to check if people find it worthwhile.

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