Thread: How long after half of suboxone pill can you use?

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    How long after half of suboxone pill can you use? 
    I know this is messed up, but I gotta ask. I took a little less than half of a suboxone pill about 7 hours ago. How long after using that much suboxone can someone use heroin?

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    I've read some posts. Some people say 8 hours, 24 hours, 36 hours...everyone is saying something different. I snorted like a bag and a half last night, and I got a little rush and I had taken a half a sub that day around 2ish, so it would be the same amount of time. I used a little less suboxone today, so I dunno. I don't know if I should just save the stuff or what. Of course I wanna get high though ya know.

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    Half of how many mg pill? 2mg, 8mg? Is this the only sub you've taken recently or have you taken others earlier the day or within the last 2-3 days? How much heroin are you about to take? All of this makes a huge difference as does your own body chemistry. Do you metabolize drugs quicker than others or slower etc.?

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    It was half of an 8mg pill, well little less than half if that matters. I took half a sub yesterday afternoon. Before that, it had been at least a few days. Not sure how much I'm gettin. They went to get it. Waiting on it. I'm not sure, but I think I metabolize drugs slower. Not sure though. Just guessing.

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    I don't weigh much, drinks a lot of water and metabolizes opiates quicker than others so if I have only taken 3-4 mg of suboxone and the same yesterday than, his opiate usage would be about 85% effective after a 10hr wait but this is in my case, everybody is different. Even little things can make a difference ie, empty or full stomach, diet, etc. Let us know how things go if you should reach a decision.
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    Everybody is different, but anywhere from 12-48 hours

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    From my experience I'll be able to feel the effects after about 24 hours. I take Suboxone daily and if I go into the following day without my dose I'll be able to feel the effects of the oxycodone. But some of the effects are still a little diminished.

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    Taking suboxone doesn't mean you automatically won't feel the effects of any opiate you do afterwards. It is just that the binding of buperenorphine (active ingredient in suboxone) is much greater than that of other full agonists (such as heroin). You can still successfully break thru a low dose of suboxone. Since you aren't on maintenance , and only took suboxone for a day or two, you should definitely be able to achieve near-full effects of heroin about 24 hours after your dose. You may requiring a slight bit more, but don't go and double your dose because you think you won't get high and then end up ODing or something.

    There have been many days where I have taken ~4mg of suboxone in the morning and gotten high on heroin later that day. Just required a bag or so extra.

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    I think it also really depends on how often you take suboxone. For someone who like me, who, since i am no longer opiate dependent, takes suboxone to get a nice buzz, the time before you could use H would be much shorter (I'd basically wait till you wake up the next morning and you should be able to get high.

    On the other hand, someone who has had suboxone building in their system as a result of being on a regimen would have to wait much, much longer. If you've been taking subs for longer than a month or so every day I would say you would not even be able to get close to high unless you waited like 3-5 days.

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    I do not take suboxone regularly, I took 4mg this morning but thats it for suboxone for a long time. Will I still have to wait a long time?

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    n-n-n-necro bump

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