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    4-FA (4-fluoroamphetamine) dosage 
    I will be doing 4-fa for the first time today.. the only stimulants I've ever done was MDMA and 2-ci (not sure if 2-ci is considered a stimulant but it sure as hell stimulated me), I'm a bit anxious on dosing too much..

    I was going to try 80mg as anything below this seems to act as a study aid without feeling the full effects of it.

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    Basic dosing questions belong in Basic Drug Discussion. There are number of threads on bluelight regarding this compound, using the search engine should return numerous threads that should help you.

    I am going to move this over to BDD for you, though.

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    80mg sounds about right...
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    Well I ended up taking 80mg and another 40mg an hour later.. I was very focused and clearheaded.. however I didn't feel any euphoria at all?

    Does a tolerance build quick with this?
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    ^I imagine it would grow just as fast as other amphetamines, but I don't have direct personal experience with 4-FA.

    I'm going to edit the title of your thread for easier searching in the future.
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    I have had a few experiences with 4-FA, actually one of them was this weekend. You were right to start with 80mg as with all drugs, doses affect people differently, and there have been reports of 80mg being more than enough for some people, although there are quite a few that also say it didn't do much for them.

    Tolerance can definitely build up over a session. My usual starting dose is around 130mg, I would build your way up slowly with your dosing experiments just to be safe though, and don't consume too much in one session.

    There is a good 4-Fluoroamphetamine thread in EADD that might be worth checking out too.

    Once you find your sweet dose you should get the euphoria, the empathogenic effects seem to last around 3 hours and from then on it is a straight stim.

    Stay safe and have fun.
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    Yes and don't forget than 4FA has a huge half life, more than methylone mephedrone or amphetamine. I took 120mg without tolerance a few years ago and had great euphoria (with a slow onset but a great comedown, this is why i liked this compound). Stay safe
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    I don't know what to think of 4-FA, especially in terms of euphoria.

    I'm not one of those people out there who stims just plain don't really touch or effect counterintuitively (i.e. ADD) however it doesn't seem to do much for me.

    Someone else who tested the same batch but only at a low dose experience definite moderate stimulation, but when I've IV'd (stupid) 100mg followed by another 50 shortly after (200lb male, no stim tolerance) I only experienced an increasing feeling of clearheadedness, acuity, but no euphoria to speak of whatsoever. Sweaty palms/everything, pupils pinned, extreeeme shakiness of the hands, motivation, not too bad of a HR jump, but no recreational side whatsoever. Who knows.
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