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    Snorting Soma (Carisoprodol) 
    I have soma 350's.

    If i take 3 at 6'5 215lbs i feel pretty high. Suprisingly high for a muscle relaxer. I wish I had some benzos or opiates to combine..

    What will happen if i take soma on alcohol?

    Can I snort these? If so how many? And On alcohol???


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    Is not recommended to snort them, the oral absorbtion rate is high enough to make snorting it not really worthwhile.

    If you take with alcohol then the effects will be potentiated but again not recommended to mix muscle relaxants/benzos with alcohol.

    There are quite a few threads around about Soma, might be worth using the search engine and doing some research. Also take a look at some of the Erowid Trip Reports on Soma.

    If you get high enough eating them then don't bother snorting them is my advice.

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    just pop those motherfuckers, they aren;t even that great imo i'd rather fuck around with other shit but wehatever floats your boat

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    ^(oops, referring to mugabe's post) yup, in the name of HR you should not combine with alcohol because they potentiate each other. but the feeling of soma + alcohol is a pretty desirable one, IMO. be careful and don't dose overboard with drunken confidence, whatever route you go.

    snort them? isn't each pill about the size of your thumb? you say you take three? think you could stretch that line out past 6' 5" long? also i do not think you gain anything from skipping first pass metabolism with soma because the good stuff is the metabolites (though don't quote me there, just sounds familiar). either way, mugabe said it best, "don't bother."

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    Mugabe and hydroazuanacaine both got it right.

    And like hydroazuanacaine said, the pills are huge so snorting them would be a huge problem. Just eat them man!

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    Soma burns like a bitch up the nose!

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    Is it ok to take expired Soma's? Yesterday my friend gave me some Soma's but they expired in 2009 so I was a little skeptical on the effects. We went to a party and drank and he started crushing the expired Soma's and snorted them. I snorted as well to try them but to be honest I didn't really feel much of a change in my feeling.

    Is it basically a waste to even take or snort expired Soma's?

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    ^properly stored pills are good far past their expiration date. as is often repeated here on bluelight. in the future, you should try using the search engine before posting a question.

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    I certainly will

    I just figured since I was replying to an existing post on snorting Soma's (rather than starting a new one myself) there wouldn't be no foul.

    Thanks. Since I didn't feel much of the effect I figured it was because it was expired.

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    Don't snort them. They have a high enough oral bioavailability, insufflating them may in fact decrease the percentage but don't quote me on that. There is no "rush" snorting them. Believe me. And there is so much powder when crushing those things. It fucking hurts. Also the water solubility is low.

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    we all good and answered now?

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