Thread: Two Question about shooting Meth.

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    Two Question about shooting Meth. 
    The first is, if you take the shot, then put water in the syringe you just you and it seems like there may be meth in it, is there indeed meth? or is it some weird by product?

    and second is, if it is clean. can you shoot the bong water from a meth only bong?

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    will someone at least tell me why there seems to be crystals in my syringe AFTER shooting and cleaning?

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    add a tinnny bit of heat when mixing before putting it in the syringe

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    did so, then poured out of syringes and tried again, will these just always have meth in them?

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    1. Cuts can be added to your meth that don't dissolve in water. Methamphetamine HCl is very soluble in water so it's not likely it would be left in a syringe. It's probably methanesulfonylmethane (MSM, a common cut for meth) or something that's inactive. It's almost certainly not meth unless you're dissolving several grams in a shot at once.

    2. Jesus Christ, no. Meth plus fire = things that aren't meth. Don't inject a chemical soup of unknown composition looking for a high unless you like vein and organ damage.

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    get a job and take ur money to spend on a bag............whether shooting the bong water from the quag is good or bad for you, theres no way it would get you high. pour it in a cup and drink it. and as far as the whole taking a shot of the remains, after a decent shot of that shit, it would be damn near impossible to feel a resin shot. and saving it would only coagulate the blood in the rig.

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    Whatever amount of methamphetamine may be left in the needle will be too little to get any effects from it.

    You do not need to heat methamphetamine at all.

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