Thread: What is the fastest way to evaporate Meth containing water?

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    What is the fastest way to evaporate Meth containing water? 
    So I want to try to evaporate the water in a pyrex dish with a water and meth solution in it and do not feel like waiting days, preferably minutes instead. I was thinking that I could speed things up by inserting it into the oven at a little over 150f and seeing how that does. Is there any better way to go about this? and before someone asks why I am doing this, it will be a while before I can get more, and I am in the process of getting rid of all my makeshift pieces, mostly due to acquiring an actual pipe for it, which included a meth bong, I am trying to salvage a hit out of that water.

    Also, out of curiosity, my girlfriend said that one of her friends dads used to talk about something he called Lithium Meth, which he made sound like was different than crystal, anyone know about this? I wouldn't doubt they are the same thing considering I still haven't convinced her that Meth isn't Ice, and that just because it is a nice looking clear crystal doesn't mean its pure or good quality.

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    Put in on a vacuum and water will evaporate instantly.

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    Would even be down to IV instead of smoke if I can just reduce the amount of water....

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    on a vacuum? if you are talking about the cleaning appliance, i do not believe that would work with mine, and if not, please elaborate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mafekire View Post
    on a vacuum? if you are talking about the cleaning appliance, i do not believe that would work with mine, and if not, please elaborate?
    No.. The vacuum used in a laboratory setting, used to evaporate water etc. at a much faster rate than solely leaving it out to dry on its own. It is unlikely you have access to such a thing, but fundamentally it would be fastest way to do it.

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    ahhh, oven it is then

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    You can build your own appliances for that if you had a geeky part in you that can tinker. It is nowhere near the commercial appliances for labs but if you do a lot lab work at home needing quick evaporation I would suggest you try building one. Mine can evaporate 380ml of water in a hour.

    It is actually meant for doing pieces for cars etc. from fiberglass, kevlar, carbon fiber etc.

    Just google diy vacuum appliances and you can find how to do it.

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    what about Lithium Meth, any ideas what the hell that is?

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    There is a popular method of making methamphetamine that involves a lithium reduction of certain precursor chemicals. It is a dangerous and messy procedure (esp. when run in a pop bottle) and unless done by someone who knows what the hell they're doing will produce a whole soup of shit. Synthesis discussion is frowned upon here but there are many other ways of making meth too. They all result in roughly the same product, just different impurities.

    The water in your methamphetamine soup can just be boiled off. Methamphetamine is very stable.

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    that wont destroy the meth?

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    Try putting it on an enclosed container with some damp rid. A small bowl in a bigger bowl with the damp rid in the bottom of the big bowl. Set the small bowl on top on the damp rid then put the lid on the big bowl. Works great for drying mushrooms.

    Also wanted to add this is also a good way to dry out a wet cell phone.
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    Boil water in a small pan on the hob and put the a large bowl (containing the meth water) on top..

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    No synthesis discussion is allowed. Please read the BDD guidelines before posting.

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