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    Emergen-C method w ops 
    I just came across some ops and got ripped off because there is nothing around me... or i dont have the connects to find it one way or another whatever I have something.... So my plan since Im at work is to do the emergen-C method. I just wanted to know how many people have tried it and what is the best way to do it? is it better to grind down the pill and then put the powder into the emergen-c? Can I just put a whole pill (or 3) in there and let them break down or whatever? I know there is a thread on how to break the op's but it jumps around alot from different methods. I just want to know about the emergenC method. Anyone with any experience I would really appreciate your insight. Thanks much.

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    nobody try this? How about microwaving the pill whole freezing it and then crushing it? Anyone tried that instead of grinding first?

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    I think it is more likely that you can search and find the details on a tech you can preform at work before someone else sees your questions and searches and finds the details on a tech they don't know if you can preform at work or not.
    Method for snorting/IV OP OxyContin

    Perhaps wait until you get home and then spend some time researching?
    I'm going to close this now but feel free to search through the thread and then ask again in it if you have any questions. I'd merge this into the one above for you but I'm not sure if by "ops" you mean OP stamped OxyContin or Opana ER.

    Feel free to PM me with any questions or concerns.

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