Thread: If I switch to Methadone for 1 month, will my WD's become long lasting?

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    If I switch to Methadone for 1 month, will my WD's become long lasting? 
    I've been using heroin for maybe 8 months. Withdrawals should be relatively short at least compared to Methadone.

    If I switch to Methadone for 1 month and then quit and detox, (perhaps using a rapid suboxone detox or a cold-turkey with heavy medication support) will my body have adjusted to the Methadone enough to leave me with those really long withdrawals you get from Methadone?
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    They will be longer than just kicking straight from heroin. It's impossible to say how much longer though. Acute withdrawal will definitely be extended by some length of time due to methadone's half life.
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    I'd say a 10-day taper would be better for your purposes if you have to use methadone. Start at 30 and go down 3 every day.
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    I done a 1 month detox using methadone while in rehab and didnt feel a thing

    I had never used methadone before but was on a steady habit of heroin for roughly a year

    I went to rehab and started at 40ml coming down 3ml every few days , the only time i felt rough was the first three days of the swap to the methadone from the gear

    I went that entire month feeling great and i never felt one bit of withdrawals when i had stopped the methadone either

    As for people that were there that had been on much higher amounts of methadone before doing the 1 month detox they did feel shit

    but like myself anyone that just went straight from the gear in to the methadone they felt no withdrawals either , the week they said i would of felt it most if at all would of been the first week after stopping the methadone but like i said i felt perfectly fine and i also got a buzz from the methadone for the first week and a half also lol

    So yeah you can easily do a one month methadone detox and not suffer anything afterwards, you just need to stay off the gear afterwards , thats the hardest part !

    I think the month long is better than the quick short ones also because it lets you get used to not using for that month rather than doing a quick week then you fall on your arse again , the month long will help you prepare for being clean too, much better than a 10 day detox !
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    Rephrasing the question, take another look please. 
    Thanks for all the info everyone, some of it is very helpful.
    But I think I didn't make myself clear. Let me try and say it in a different way:

    I have used Heroin for about 2 years, then switching to Methadone for 1 month.
    Will I expect to see 1 month WD's or 1 week WD's?

    Methadone causes withdrawals to last longer than Heroin, roughly 1 month for Methadone compared to 1 week for Heroin. That's been my experience and from what I've read and been told by others.

    My question is: since I'm on Heroin now, my WD's should be about 1 week.
    If I switch to Methadone and use that for 1 month strait.
    Than I quit cold turkey. Will my withdrawals last 1 month due to using methadone for 1 month?

    Will my body have adapted enough after only 1 month of methadone use so that the WD's will last 1 month (as per methadone WD schedule).

    Or, after using methadone for ONLY 1 month will my body still be on the Heroin schedule so I should expect a withdrawal of about 1 week (as per Heroin WD's usual timeframe).

    Thanks, and sorry for such a complicated post. Hope some expert will take the time to read this though and answer. It will really help me decide which route to go.
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