Thread: saftey of mixing benzos w/ tolerance + opiates w/ no tolerance?

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    saftey of mixing benzos w/ tolerance + opiates w/ no tolerance? 
    I know there are a hundred posts on this general subject, but I have a slightly more specific little question....

    It's finals week for me, so I've taken adderall several days consecutively - something I usually avoid doing.

    - I am prescribed from 6-8mg of Xanax XR a day, and have an extremely high tolerance to benzos.... (something I am determined to taper off once I switch psychiatrists)

    - I hardly ever use Opiates and am a big pussy when it comes to them. Anyways, I randomly came across a chance to grab 16 of these little 5/325 percs. Today is my 3rd day of taking them, so I have I guess a tiny bit of a tolerance, compared to absolutely nothing at all.

    - I took a small dose of adderall today (15mg) and have found that taking even just one 5mg Perc about 2-3 hours into the Addy has a really nice synergizing effect.

    - Normally when I take adderall, I compensate for the anxiety/comedown it leads to by drowning it out with an extra xanax or 2 more than I normally would take.

    - I've redosed a couple times today, the last one being about an hour ago - so like 17.5 mg of Perc today. I know the combination of these 3 drugs is not a healthy habit, but it really is super nice for the productive type.

    My question is: I know once again, Opiates + Xanax = bad news for respiratory depression. I know I am taking really low doses and not concerned, but just curious in general - if someone like myself has an extremely high tolerance to Benzos (don't 'feel' anything even if I take 6mg+ of Xanax at once on an empty stomach...), but has a zero tolerance to Opiates (even 5mg gets me noticeably high) , is there the still same type of danger of mixing them?

    Like, if I am feeling a bit anxious still and wana take another Xanax or Ambien (also prescribed), should I be concerned at all?

    Sorry this came out kinda retarded, but any insight would be interesting to hear.
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    Your benzo tolerance allows you to do a such of thing.

    It really is all going to be dependent on you amphetamine and opiate tolerance.

    If you have no opiate tolerance then stick to the bare minimum.
    Tolerance to the benzos is greatly reducing the chance of respiratory depression.
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    word thanks Jay... that's what I assumed.

    But regarding amphetamine + opiate mixing.... I've heard that if taken in low ("fda approved") doses, there is really not much negative interaction. One of the more sensible things I've read on this site the other day was how some kid who was prescribed a hefty amount of adderall daily, got some bad infection and was given percs for pain by his doctor.... he was a little confused and questioned his PCP about the saftey of mixing the two. He was concerned this wouldbe a pharma-speedball? While it is to some degree and not 'healthy', the doctor said that once again, as long as the doses were perscribed-relatively low amounts, and the fact that both adderall and percaset are relatively long lasting, it was perfectly fine....... as opposed to the 'recreational' speedball, which usually consists of coke and an opiate. The coke hits your system/brain right away and then as we all know, comes off very fast, creating a double downer due to the long lasting opiate and putting the body in shock. dunno how much of this is accurate.
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    ^It's very accurate. The "pharma-speedball" is used medically in various versions, including morphine+methylphenidate, morphine+ephedrine, and a few others.

    As long as the dosages are kept in check then things will be okay. Your doctor is right about the main difference for a real speedball being the cocaine is very short acting, which can cause a dangerous overdose situation. That is, of course, assuming that the dosages were too high to begin with.
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