Thread: After effects of hells bells,Booze, Cocaine/meth

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    After effects of hells bells,Booze, Cocaine/meth 
    Okay so me and my friend made a quarter gallon of hells bells at the beginning of the week and I took about 3 table spoons and about a quarter of a cup after it was boiled down. So they next day felt the normal side effects of the drug with the temporary blindness, after that I went to my friends house and he had some coke laced with a bit of meth and I did maybe two small lines and drank a bit, a couple days later I've noticed I've been out of it.. everything feels very dream like or not entirely real, this has been going on for almost a week and things appear to be very weird and very different, brain function is a bit slower and I get my words mixed up, as if I dropped several IQ levels in a day. I'm a bit scared to be honest cause I don't know if these effects are permanent or who I should see about this, can anyone help me out please?
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    Eat healthy, sleep 8 hours a night, and stop doing so many drugs.
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    Yes, datura / hells bells are very tricky on their own. I would not take them myself let alone combine them with other things. Anyway it's done now but please think about being more responsible next time because bad things can happen.

    Both meth and datura have lengthy after effects I think, not sure how many people have actually combined such things but give it some time and I guess it will be okay. And absolutely follow atara's advice.
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    Yeah it feels as if being awake is like being in a dream or I'm not fully there or hazy. I'll definitely go with your advice thank you. I'll give it some time. We'll I did datra a day before I did the coke mixed with meth, maybe all these things together kind of set me in this state.
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