Thread: OC40 - Back in the market?

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    OC40 - Back in the market? 
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    I am in San Francisco and have noticed an uncanny amount of OC40s floating around. One guy told me he went to a pharmacy in Santa Rosa, and another told me they filled a script right here in SF. i asked around, and someone said the medical people get the OPS but if you have good insurance or want to pay full price, you can request the originals sometimes. I wouldn't believe it, except that i've been seeing these people with them and they swear to me they are getting them from pharmacies.

    What do you all think about this? I hear a lot of rumors but no facts. Need to hear from people that fill prescriptions. Are they allowing the old OC40s for certain people?

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    There are a few likely sources for the old oxycontin. Some med storage somewhere in the SF area they misplaces a pallet of them.

    A pharmacy that sells oxycontin but rarely has a customer for oxycontin has it on its shelves still after the post op rush to find the last of the original. ( people went through just after op were marketed and found them, they went fast. Also its been awhile oc 40 on the shelves still seems not likely )

    Check your area for counterfeit oxys. You guys do have a mexican border in your state.

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    This thread has no HR value and goes against guidelines, therefore I am closing it.

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