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    3000 mg Diphenhydramine 
    I am considering taking a dosage this high. I have taken this drug twice. Once at 500 mg, I maintained my sanity for the most part, had just very minor disturbances in vision like seeing things in the corner of my eye, zero "full blown" hallucinations whatsoever, short term memory seemed like a luxury but I was able to hold a conversation with my mom despite having difficulty pushing my thoughts into words.

    Another time I took 750. I had an identical experience to the one I described above. I've read a lot of stories on erowid and on bluelight, and people seem to totally lose their minds entirely on doses as small as 400. I'm not trying to make myself seem "better" than anyone by stating this, but compared to all the stories I've read, it seems as if I have a better natural tolerance for this stuff in terms of keeping my sanity.

    I'd like to know a little more information though before doing it, if you want to dissuade me you may and I'll probably listen.

    I'd just like to know the "predicted" effects and results with a dosage this high for an 18 year old male who weighs 130 pounds.

    I'm paranoid of liver damage/failure. I've searched google for hours, and nobody cites any evidence to support their ideas which seems to vary widely.

    If you have a personal experience you'd like to share with a super high dosage I would like to listen to it. You can be as detailed as you want, or sum it up very shortly.

    I'm also curious about the chances of cardiac arrest. I've also heard people hypothesize that your throat will swell shut, but I haven't read any personal accounts of that.

    I've also found stories on the internet concerning doses higher than 1500 to be pretty rare, could this be because most who venture that high (without developing a tolerance/resistance) are all dead and unable to recount their tale?

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    You will have a severely high chance of dying from pretty much all of the dangerous aspects of this drug.

    - Severely high chance of Having a Heart attack and Heart failure.
    - Severe chance of Serotonin Toxicity.
    - Severe delusional hallucinations. (The only thing you are looking for really.)
    - Total Dysphoria.
    - Severe Akathisia.
    - Severe Hyperthermia

    All this in no particular order preceding your death....

    If you live, you will be very unhappy you popped that many benadryl in your life.

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    ^ this.

    Don't do it. Its not worth it anyways. If you're going to risk dying over a high, make sure its a good one.

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    Besides the obvious dangers of taking a dose of diphen this high, why on earth would you decide to go from 750mgs to 3000mgs? That's an enormous jump. 500mgs and 750mgs are ridiculously large to begin with.

    I hope it's ok to link to drugs-forum, if not I'll edit it out, but they have some pertinent information there:


    Diphenhydramine Dosages
    Light: 25 - 150 mg
    Medium: 150 - 350 mg
    Strong: 250 - 500 mg
    Very Strong: 400 - 800 mg
    Dangerous: 800+ mg

    As far as dosing and effects go,
    100mg: sleepiness, maybe some audio hallucinations. It'll be tough to stay awake.

    200mg: sedation and mild delirium, mild hallucinations like bugs flying across visual field and things of the like. They'll pop up and be gone before you really catch whats going on

    300mg: Same as 200mg except more intense. Definite delirium and difficulty motivating yourself to stay awake. Visuals are more present. You might see bugs crawling in your skin and be able to comprehend some things like bugs before you fall asleep. Things that are really there might have different facial expressions. Audio hallucinations. Intense drymouth and uncomfortable.

    400mg: Intense delirium. Symptoms are very similar to schizophrenia. You'll see people pass by that don't exist. If you close your eyes you'll think your in a different place. Difficulty speaking and restlessness occurs. Heart rate increases and it's difficult to get comfortable. Staggering and depth perception will occur

    500mg: Very intense delirium. Walking is increasingly difficult. Walls will have patterns, random things will pop up and fake people will be seen and will converse with you. Speech and motor function is extremely difficult, and not much more than mumbling will come out at most. You will think your in one place at a different time of day, then quickly flash to another place. Staying at one place at a time for roughly a minute. It becomes very uncomfortable and falling asleep will be difficult. You won't know if your awake or dreaming, and if not lying in bed "sleepwalking" may occur, but you'll be bumping into walls and cannot comprehend where your going. Drymouth seems uncurable, no matter how much water. Possible sickness

    Anything over 600mg may cause blackouts and dangerous for the heart, especially without a tolerance. Although people have taken over 1g and have survived, but remember very little of their trip, and cannot recall what was reality or hallucinations.

    Note: The aforementioned list are general effects. Everyone reacts differently to diphenhydramine, but after reading multiple trip reports these are the most common effects.

    Effective dosages vary greatly from person to person, based on factors such as body weight, tolerance, and other unknowns. There have been people taking doses higher than 800 mg and have been fine, but once someone gets to dosages that high, it begins to put strain on his or her heart. Some may take 500mg one night and not reach the desired effects, and then on a different night take the same dose and become overwhelmed. This chemical tends to be on the darker side and extremely random and is part of the reason why its popularity is low.

    Tolerance develops extremely fast for diphenhydramine and seems to disappear slowly, so it is a good idea to space out diphenhydramine trips rather than increasing one's dosage to compensate for this tolerance. Compensation can become dangerous, because it is impossible to tell at exactly what dose diphenhydramine will become dangerous to one's health.

    Dimenhydrinate dosages are roughly twice those of diphenhydramine dosages, as there are 29 mg of diphenhydramine per 50 mg of dimenhydrinate.

    Read more:
    I urge you to not do this. Please stick with safer doses, namely below 500mg and I'd really recommend much lower doses.

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    I have a pretty extensive history with diph though I have largely outgrown it. However that being said I wanna say the most I ever did was 1200 mg, and I hated it. I found the more I did it the more dysphoria I would experience,hence why I grew out of it. Even having tolerance though I never considered dosing that high. That being said, I would SERIOUSLY advise against dosing that high, at least slowly titrate up and do not jump into a dose like that. In doing my research there is are some cardiovascular risks. As far as heptic I know not.

    As far as effects go though, you will trip pretty hard. Auditory hallucinations are what starts first, you'll like hear a buddy or someone say something and you'll respond out-loud. You'll also notice that your voice sounds soooo wierd to you, almost like you don't even recognize it. Visuals are there but they were never THAT strong. When I did get them they would just embody the voice I was hearing, in other words instead of hearing a random voice, I'd be with the person. It all sounds fun and dandy but it sucks! You are so out of it you dont realize that it is retarded that my best friend is in the room with me at 3 AM asking if Ive made coffee, not to mention the dysphoria that is present throughout the trip. The worst effect is when you, starting doing stuff or worring about stuff that you shouldn't. I have gotten up at 3 am and gotten ready for class then realized whats up.

    If you dose with bene, take a lower dose and HAVE A HUGE GLASS OF WATER HANDY!! Diphen drymouth puts weed drymouth to shame

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    Thats "little" too much, thats more full on blackout delirium or death not a trip.....its just not safe or wise you will probably regret it.

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    please do not do this.

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    Why you aiming so high after only trying 750mg? The most i took was a little over a gram and was full blown gone.. just do it when you are supposed to be sleeping.. i did mine on the tail end of an amphetamine binge and tried to lay down to sleep multiple times.. i'd come to talking to the fridge downstairs..

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    Dont do it man! Eat some acid or something instead

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    you're worried about liver damage. what about brain damage?
    its a really bad idea, I mean its crazy. dont do it. this one decision may effect your life for a very long time. it will fuck u up & u wont be able to fuction for days. ppl will think u are crazy & u will be locked up in a mental institution if u actually survive. its probably not the most peacful way of suicide. which it may very well cause.
    keep it in reasonable doses if u must do dph.
    take a gram of dxm, u can by that at the pharmacy. it'll really fuck u up good but it will only mess with your head & not potentially cause permenent damage to your mind & body

    I dont know if this is really a serious post. but DONT FUCKING DO IT!

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    I think this is a troll thread. If the OP is serious, then my advise is not to do it, of course. But I am going to close this thread.

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