Thread: Can you shoot oxycodone 10 mg, with acetominophen 325

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    Can you shoot oxycodone 10 mg, with acetominophen 325 
    Its a white oval pill with the imprint IP204 on it elliptical/oval shaped. Just wondering if this is possible and the best way to go about doing it.

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    No you can't shoot them... just eat it

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    Do not shoot APAP. You could use a micron filter (actually, you would have to) to filter out all the APAP and other binders and shoot the oxycodone but it wouldn't be worth it at all if you ask me. Oxycodone has a crazy high oral bio-availability anyway.

    IMO however, just pop the thing.

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    What's been said. It's extremely risky to shoot these pills and not really worth it anyway.

    If you must, please follow correct (and safe) HR procedure and use a micron filter (refer to this thread/FAQ for information on how to go about doing this...again...if you absolutely must shoot it in the first place).

    Best way to go is just eat the thing. Closed.

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