Thread: Recreational use of lorazepam (Ativan)

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    Recreational use of lorazepam (Ativan) 
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    Hey everyone, im new so forgive me if im doing something wrong.

    I have about 20 generic adivan (lorzepram i think) i got 2 years ago. Theyre expired and i was wondering if anyone knows what happens after it is expired? if they are more/less potent, if they are safe, etc. I usually dont like messing around with meds but i cant get any mary j right now. What is the best way to take it and get the most out of it? Also how many mgs should i take? I have 2 lortab 5s left over too, and does anyone know how it feels when you combine the two?
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    it feels great to combine lortab and ativan and they get less potent when they're expired i would try the 2 lortabs with 2 or 3mg of ativan and if that doesn't get you where you want to be in 45min then do 2 more mg of ativan and wait 45min and you should feel really relaxed and good
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    When messing around consuming dangerous prescription chemicals it is worthwhile to be sure of what you are taking and that you don't make any mistakes. Along those lines I have never heard of "Adivan" nor "lorzepram". In this case it can be assumed you meant lorazepam which is sold under the brand name Ativan, but when it is your life on the line I think it pays to be accurate.

    Anyways if you review the OD Guidelines you'll see that first time dosing and basic combo questions belong in Basic Drug Discussion so I'll send this over there for you now.

    OD >>> BDD
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    Put the Ativan under your tongue and just let it melt until its gone,careful though,you may not feel high,but you are,they can lead to blackouts if you take to much.this happens when people dont feel it and keep taking more pills.just take it slow.
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    Indeed. And what amapola said. There is no such thing as "Adivan" but lorazepam and Ativan are the same thing.

    Put it in under your tongue for quickest action. Snorting it does nothing and may actually waste your drugs. Just because they're expired doesn't mean they won't work. Best to start with 1mg or so, lorazepam is very subtle and you'd probably go to sleep before you feel a "buzz".

    Also how many mgs should i take? I have 2 lortab 5s left over too, and does anyone know how it feels when you combine the two?
    You can mix lorazepam and hydrocodone (Lortab) but please be careful. Most overdoses that involve depressants and opiates involve mixing the two. I wouldn't go any farther than 1mg lorazepam and 5mg hydrocodone.

    Also: I edited the title of your thread for spelling and for easier future searching. Feel free to PM me with any questions.
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    I mixed 20mg of hydros and maybe 4 lorazepam 1mgs once and it was alright...keep in mind i have like a natural tolernce to benzos so it takes a good 7mg Ativan to get me anything resembling a benzo high.

    I really prefer taking my ativan with the codeine/phenergan cough syrup, it is much more pleasant in my opion.

    I also mix it with adderall which i cannot take by itself due to severe anxiety when on adderall alone, together its like heaven
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    Lorazepam is an excellent anxiolytic and is a very powerful anticonvulsant, however it is not very recreational. There are a few that do find it recreational but the majority seem to agree that although it is top notch for therapeutic purposes it still lacks a lot as a "recreational drug".
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