Thread: Average dose of meth for first time user?

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    Average dose of meth for first time user? 
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    Hey guys im not asking for an exact number or anything, im just wondering how much is suitable for a first time user since i have practically no meth experience.

    how much did you take your first time?
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    i have no idea how much i smoked the first time. at the point in my using career, i couldn't eyeball amounts and didn't have scales.

    i took maybe 5 hits from the pipe. it was more than plenty.
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    50mg is threshold dose, usually.

    basically get a 0.25g bag and split that into 6 doses.

    my ROA was smoking. use a lightbulb unless you can get a glass dick.
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    None... haha sorry im counter-productive but id depends on the way you do it, as any other drug. Do a little to test your reaction to it first, and try judging from there. Because its so hard to eye-out a certain amount of it..

    i said none cause meth is one of the over-all worst drugs ever, probably #1 in my book. Be carful, also I dont get what anyone really sees in meth
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    .25 gram bag split into 6 doses is not that much.

    .25 for a newbie is enough for 3 good doses if you really want to see what meth is about.

    .25 is smoked within 10 minutes for an average/experienced user.
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    For pure methamphetmaine HCl, 5 to 15mg orally is fine.
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    Meth can refer to methadone, methamphetamine, methylphenidate, methiopropamine, and a lot of other chemicals that contain a single carbon alkyl group. It would be wise to accurately specificy the chemical you are asking advice about using

    Either way first time dosage questions belong in Basic Drug Discussion so I'll move it there.

    OD >>> BDD
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