Thread: Paroxetine (Paxil) and Ativan (Lorazepam) for anxiety

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    Paroxetine (Paxil) and Ativan (Lorazepam) for anxiety 
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    paxil and ativan for anxiety any others had this combo .>? im very experienced with benzos and i hate snri srris w/e they are o its .5 mg as needed and 10mg paxil daily. jus askin if any of u like dislike this combo im also on .5mg of suboxone but ill b off soon wish me luck thank u all

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    i dont get the question...but yea im on 30 mg of paxil and have taken a few lorazapam isnt that serious....

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    I take 25mg Extended Release Paxil and 2mg Ativan daily, plus prn on the Ativan.

    I'd say it's ok. I've been in very dark places, and this combo keeps me alive, keeps be from thinking the suicidal thoughts in the first place and cures my PTSD symptoms (ducking and running when planes fly overhead, etc).

    Life is good.

    On the other hand, these are serious meds and I wouldn't take them except I do have high suicide risk. I'm not willing to die by suicide.

    If I had another choice, I would exercise it. I don't like Big Pharma and long-term, I don't know that I trust these meds to be completely safe.

    I'm med compliant for my family and my life, until a better solution comes up.

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    im so anti SSRI, doctors will flat out deny u with attitude if u suggest fast acting anxiety medicines (benzos), but if you name any SSRI or SNRI, u will have the script in ur hand and kicked with the black boot out the office, they say its not understood how these drugs work on the brain, yet the FDA approves it, all of a sudden warning commercials and recalls are out on SSRIs, i mean seriously, if a drug has to take "4-8" weeks to take effect , i dont believe in it. a anxiety drug, or any drug should have en effect as soon as absorbed. its all a crock a shit to me, i been on SSRIs, it was horrible, my behavior was better, but inside i felt chained off, and my god when i stopped Paxil, i went thru a 2 week withdrawl dizzy spell, it was horrible. it made me SSRI sensitive now, yuck!! stick with benzos AS NEEDED for anxiety, or klonopin DAILY, as its duration is 12hrs

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    Ativan is useful for anxiety, I take it for that purpose. I don't take SSRIs because of the sexual side effects, was open to DNRIs such as Wellbutrin but after reading about seizure and other risks I don't think I'll go that route either.

    Long story short, if it works for you, go for it. If it doesn't speak to, and work with, the prescribing doctor.

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    Sexual side effects can be really strong -- and this one, at 10mg, I think you would be ok, from my experience and friends'. I have to stay below 25 mg or nothing is happening, even at 25mg, I am affected a bit.

    I tried Wellbutrin to help with the level of dysfunction that I do have and that was too activating with my Bipolar, so I have PRN (take when you need) Dexedrine and that works great.

    The dexedrine also works with my autoimmune disorder, apathetic depression, etc. I had to be really careful to not over-do it at first. It took me 6 months of adjusting, but now, I can take 1/8th of a 5mg pill and it does what a whole one did before physically and mentally now. I'm not sure how that works, I'm sure part psychological, I just didn't go up when I got a tolerance, spaced them out instead.

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    side effects dont happen to everyone...i have no problem with the side effects...dont let one persons opinion affect yours....

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    I'm glad I ran into this thread.

    I've been seeing my doctor for the past few months now because my organs are in pain every day. When I say that I mean: pain in my back/spine/lung area, pain in my chest, difficulty breathing (can't pull in a full breath), and recently I started getting sharp pains above my stomach and in my sides/kidney area.

    I was referred to a cardiologist, and had a bunch of tests done to see if my heart is ****ed. I guess the tests came out fine, but I haven't gotten all of the results yet.

    I saw my doctor again today to give him the updates. I told him that I'm having problems breathing, so he listened to my lungs. He said they're fine, and there's no need to do a CT scan. He then says that he thinks my pains are the product of stress/anxiety disorder.

    I have a hard time believing this, but alas, I am not a doctor. He prescribed 10mg of Paxil a day, but after reading the side effects, I am afraid to even take them. I'm already taking 3mg of Lorazepam a day for anxiety, and the pains are still there.

    I'm having doubts about taking the Paxil... I do not want to suffer through any sexual side effects. I do feel depressed at times, but recently it's been mostly caused by the pain I'm in.

    It sounds like some (most?) of you don't suffer from sexual side effects with just 10 mg, am I right? Does anyone have any advice they could give me?

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    Paxil seems to be quite popular in north america for anxiety/ depression.even though it has some of the worst side effects (for some) .Withdrawals if attempting to stop or switch to alternatative meds can be very severe,and sometimes cause more grief than the original condition it was prescribed for.My partner took 8 wks to ween herself of a 50 mg daily dose.half tab decrease per 2 weeks.

    This was because her new doc was concerned about the does advised. (this gradually increased to the 50 mg's)

    Now shes on efexor 225 mg's per day,as well as epilum, which stableizes the release ofthe effexor throughout day.. Also xanax as needed..

    Shes much more stable with her moods,and not too overpowerly numbed.alot better for our relationship....

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    i believe i jus need the benzo not paxil but its only 10 mg ive been taking it and have no sexual side effects or any side effects yet but its still early.I i have been on zoloft once that was horrid but paxil seems alright for now. ill keep postin let ya kno how it goes an well u all have a great day

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    no i had no ILL effects from the 10 mg and i believed it helped see i really have anxiety i have 1 speed gooooo and i really need to slow down and be calm think clearly ect.

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    ^So you're saying that paroxetine helps calm you down? I'm not exactly sure I understand what you mean...

    I've heard of people having that, and the complete opposite reaction on paroxetine.

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    Not much HR value in this thread. Plus, this isn't a social forum.

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