Thread: Dermorphin, wonder chem or useless?

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    Dermorphin, wonder chem or useless? 
    Hello Bluelight... I have read countless posts here so I figured it was time to make an account to ask a question that has been on the tip of my mind.

    Upon realizing just how many g'damn research chemicals exist out there (I had previously only known about 2c's, DMT, and MDAs) I decided to see if there are any RCs available of the opiod variety.

    The chem at the peak of my interest is dermorphin, a RC that is nearly 50x as potent as morphine by weight (this will be a joy to weigh). I have currently only found 2 people's threads who have purchased and used this and both report a pretty good euphoric high.

    Within a good hour of research I was scavenging trying to find vendors of a couple of these concoctions. I have found a couple of them and am wondering if you guys have experience. I would most likely IV the stuff (let me know if this is idiot thinking) seeing as how it's weight is soooo small and it is entirely water soluble.

    Lemme know what you think bluelighters.

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    Hey Mangodoodudontknow, welcome to Bluelight!

    Just so you know, we don't allow prices in threads whatsoever, so please edit that out of your post, thank you.

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    Done sir, thanks.

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    i got nothing out of it.

    took it upto 600mcg IV

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    Dermorphin is a peptide and it is quite unstable. It needs to be stored at freezing temperatures and preferably 20 below. Since it is so sensitive (both to damage and in amounts you are dealing with) you will get what you pay for in professional lab quality and shipping.

    RC opioids are by far the most dangerous of the RCs and the cost, effectiveness, and safety really in no way makes them preferable to the traditional ones. Though I suppose the legal aspect will allow some people to risk their lives trying them.

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    That's enough info to deter me, lol.

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