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    Kava kava n a drug test 
    I took a drug test last week on the 7th n I had some kava in a drink called a komodo that has an other herb called komodo in it besides the kava n they tell me yesterday that I faled the drug test for alcohol the results on this test depend on me having a place to live in my halfway house so they said they r going to check the levels im assuming they r gonna gs cm it so I wanna kni if this kava will come up or am I worrying for nothing.. But I did not drink so y would this come up please help!!!

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    Drug testing questions are not allowed per the bluelight rules.

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    Okay so is it possible to leave this up for just knowing if its at all possible

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    If its not allowed, why would it be left open?

    Google is your friend when it comes to drug testing information. False positives happen all the time, so its good that they're going to do more testing on it. I wouldn't be too worried.

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    Okay so is it possible to leave this up for just knowing if its at all possible
    In addition to Google, you also have the Drug Testing Q&A section, which is closed, but available for you to browse.

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