Thread: Is it dangerous to mix MDMA with Methadone?

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    Is it dangerous to mix MDMA with Methadone? 
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    I tried searching the forums for this but I couldn't find an answer I was satisfied with.

    Basically, I took 20mg of methadone at 10 am today and I was planning on going out to the club and taking 2 doses of MDMA at 10 pm tonight, 12 hours later. I've heard a lot of things about how methadone can have dangerous interactions with other drugs, but I havn't heard anything about it's interaction of MDMA. I have taken suboxone with MDMA and didn't feel any negative reaction whatsoever. I'm also curious if the methadone well still even really be effecting me by 10pm tonight.

    For reference, I have a decent opiate tolerance (it takes me 40mg of OC to really feel it, I've only taken methadone a few times though) and I have a decent MDMA tolerance (I use it about 1-2 times a month). I'm also positive that the stuff I have isn't cut with other substances.
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    I don't think so but I do not know 100%

    I've used MDMA with plenty of other opiates, Morphine, Dilaudid, Oxys, etc and never had any problems...

    I think it's pretty much just SSRI's and MAO inhibitor you have to steer clear of.

    Someone with more knowledge than me on the subject may be able to elaborate though..
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    If you plan on dropping some MDMA 12 hours after taking methadone, it honestly shouldn't cause too many problems. The year I was on methadone maintenance I would routinely do coke, amphetamines, ketamine, while taking methadone daily.

    If anything being on an opiate helped smooth over any rough edges that the simulant experience usually gives me.

    Just take it slow and if you feel things turning sour, don't take more drugs and seek the help you'll need if it comes to that.
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    ^Agreed. While not exactly MDMA and methadone, I've heard of countless people saying that a stimulant/entactogen combined with an opioid can compliment each other nicely
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    It may cause your roll to weaken from the respiratory depressant effects of methadone, but I don't believe there is any real contraindication between Methadone and pure MDMA. However, we all know that pills can be cut with many different substances so it's not a guarantee. But generally there should be no problems.
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    I kind of doubt the MDMA doesn't have cut in it and thats kind of the scary thing whatever the cut could be can react to the Methadone, but if it is actually pure MDMA you should be clear sailing.
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