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Thread: Mixing Dihydrocodeine and a Benzodiazepine

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    Mixing Dihydrocodeine and a Benzodiazepine 
    We all know when combining drugs, caution should be made. Would there be much risk in combing an opiate such as Dihydrocodeine and a Benzo such as Valium . I'd be taking Small amounts, 30/60mg of the DHC and 10/20 of Diazepam.

    Anyone do this on a regular basis? I find the DHC kills my physical pain but does nothing for anxiety and the diazepam helps that so I thought combing might help. What are your thoughts guys?
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    There is nothing inherently deadly about mixing opioids and benzos, however they will both contribute to respiratory depression and the risk of overdosing (especially due to unexpected synergy) is therefore higher. Small amounts like what you are mentioning is completely safe as long as you've had both before though.

    This type of simple combo question belongs in Basic Drug Discussion so I'll move it there for you now.

    OD >>> BDD
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    thanks for moving it, I'm new, still getting to grips with this site.

    I've taken both at low amounts. I'd like to try my 30mg dhc and then maybe 2 x 10mg diazepams throughout the day and see if that beats both my pain and anxiety.
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    ^You'll be fine. If that works for you then don't worry about it.
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    You'll be fine, those are low doses and you have already experimented with both. No worries.
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    That,s my combo of choice just start low and be cautious enjoy :-)
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    Depends on your benzo tollerence. Should be absolutely fine but.
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    I would say the benzo dose is pretty safe as is the opioid dose. I've taken 10mg of hydrocodone with 1mg of clonazepam at night and no issues other then pretty good sedation which was the point. As always monitor your symptoms and work up slowly.
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    i've mixed benzos and opiates a lot.. very enjoyable... but dangerous since they are both CNS depressants... so as u were saying... start low,n and work your way up to a right dosage
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    I am gonna try dihydrocodeine with ativan tomorrow & will report back on to how it worked for me. I have used ativan with norcos before & it was definitely a different high then norcos with soma. I find ativan with norcos to be like an electrifying high compared to a sedating high with somas & norcos.
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    ^Lorazepam is a good benzo for beginners, although I'd say it certainly is less sedating than Soma (which I know isn't a benzo at all but still).
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