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    how to make pupils smaller? 
    Does anyone know how you can make your pupils smaller? I am doing a little experiment to see if 500~mg of codeine will make my pupils small enough to look somewhat more usual. I just did about 80mg of AMT tonight, as well as a little bit of MPA, and some methoxetamine, and there pretty fucking big right now. My guess is that they still will be.

    Just got me curious though -- are there any types of eye drops or prescription drugs that are used to make your pupils smaller? Not that I'm going to get any lol, but I'm curious.
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    out of curioisity why do u want your pupils to get smaller ?

    this thread might help.............
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    those image contact lense things would work
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    Thanks for the tips.

    Well I was thinking of going to school and didn't want them dilated. But I'm not now, because I was silly and got all fucked on a schoolnight because i was so excited about trying some shit for the first time. The codeine may have helped, or the drugs could just be wearing off, because they are almost back to normal now. Lol Nice excuse to take a bunch of codeine though.... not that it does much. MrFaust, do they sell those at most pharmacys without a prescription? Do you know what they are (usually called / brand etc) exactly? And I wonder how they work..

    Guess I just won't go and trip on weeknights that would be the easiest solution.
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    There's no easy way beside contacts.

    You could in theory go get some carbachol eye drops but that's nasty stuff to play with. Prescription only for a reason. Codeine and other opiates aren't really a viable solution either.

    Don't get super geeked out if you can't deal with pupil dialation.
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    You think that when you take 80mg AMT and go to school that pupil dilation is going to be the biggest issue?
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